WePlay Gaming On Esports

My name is Jeramie Bizzle, aka Jeramie_Lee, and I am a semi-pro Esports player. I have competed in and won local tournaments in fighting games including Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros for the Wii U. It has taken years but the idea of considering video games as a sport is now a reality and continues to grab the attention of sports outlets including ESPN.


It’s been argued that gamers weren’t athletes for there were no physical training involved. However, the level of training and time invested into gaming has grown and created big stars including Justin Wong and Sonic Fox. With big competitions including Evo 2017 and Combo Breaker approaching, gamers are preparing to enter these tournaments to build their own brand in hopes to becoming a household name in the gaming world.

This blog will feature interviews, podcast, videos, and of course blogs on what is happening in the world of esports. The blog is an extension of my YouTube and Twitch channel to help showcase how big video games have become. Stay tuned for updates and breaking news.