Punk And Momochi Will Face Each Other For The Qualifying Spot In E League Playoffs


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Without switching his character of Karin in Street Fighter V, Victor “Punk” Woodley, 18, went through Thomas “Brolynho” Proenca,  Yusuke Momochi, and his training partner Bryant “Smug” Huggins to land a spot in the qualifying playoffs spot during the E League invitational on TBS April 7.

Punk shows exactly how powerful Karin is during gameplay by giving two stuns in the first game. It didn’t take much time for punk to get cocky with his gameplay. There were times during the games where I actually rooting for the other guy and hoping to show him that he’s not as invincible as he may think. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

During a post-round interview after beating Smug,  Punk said “It’s just another day”, as some fans booed. It’s like you want to hate the guy but at the same time, he is so good you have to give him his props. But he has to continue to be on his A-game now that Momochi advanced to the playoff qualifying spot after beating Smug in the loser’s bracket.

Yusuke Momochi, 31, is one of the best Street Fighter players from around the world. He plays with a poker face, leaving his emotions at the door until after the round. In the loser’s bracket, based on his performance against Punk earlier, it seemed that Momochi was not in the right state to finish out the round. However, his Ibuki showed that he is still as dangerous as perceived by his competitors and teammates. Although Smug tried his best to come back strong with Balrog, there was no denying that this guy is one of Echo Fox’s elite competitors. His teammate Justin Wong sent a post immediately following the sweeping victory:

Now it comes down to next Friday, as Punk and Momochi will meet again to see who will advance to the playoffs. The last time they met was on March 27 when Punk beat him twice to advance to the next round. This meet is more than just the playoffs for these two as they each have something to prove.

Punk could establish himself as one of the top pros in the game by making it into the playoffs and going on to the finals will make him a household name. Momochi, on the other hand, has a shot at redemption to beat the man who defeated him twice. How sweet the feeling will be if he can take Punk’s playoff hopes away as he earns back the credit and respect from not only Punk but his fans as well.

The characters they choose must be carefully selected since Punk only main is Karin, that can be a downfall on his part because that allows Momochi to study the skill set of the character. Momochi uses two characters between Ibuki and Ken, both of whom are fast and have combos that will leave even the best players dizzy. Unless we see a change-up on Punk’s side, it can be a one-sided matchup. Whether they win or lose in Street Fighter, the most damaging thing that can happen to a player is if the opponent gets a perfect KO.

Next Friday will indeed be one of the best return matches in E League as one fights for his future and the other fights for redemption. Who shall prevail? Tune into TBS for the playoff round between the two pros April 14.


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