CEO Dreamland Suffers A Nightmare Following a $20,000 Loss

Community Effort Orlando Dreamland, known for hosting Super Smash Bros. tournaments, may not be returning in 2018 following its $20,000 net loss. The cost of venue rentals, equipment, and hiring staff for the event are costly according to CEO owner Alex Jebailey.

In a tweet, Jebailey jokes about getting messages regarding the news.

This may be the best option to gather enough money to host the next event. Like other sports, e-sports is also a business that needs funding to host tournaments. The loss doesn’t seem much compared to over $200,000 in prizes offered to players, but the money from the venue and prize money come from two different places.

Payouts can come from a venue if it’s in a local tournament like a neighborhood game store. When sponsors invest in the tournament, that money goes towards prizes, while entry fees to compete goes to the venue and used for hosting including console setups and decorations.

Not bringing the tournament back next year can give more players additional time to pay and to train for 2019. CEO can have a year-long registration with perks for those who register early like free shirts or wristbands. Although the tournament is dedicated to Smash Bros. Jebailey can make up for the cost by incorporating more games into the tournament. Adding other fighting games like King of Fighters and Tekken will bring in more players, bringing in more revenue. Another alternative is to raise the price of admission into the tournaments.

If CEO doesn’t make a return next year, it won’t be over for good. CEO has established itself as the sixth leading Smash Bros. tournament following Super Smash Con, Genesis, and EVO.

This news comes a week after Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios won first place in the Smash 4 finals at CEO Dreamland April 16. If Jebailey decides to bring it back for 2018, he said it will take place at Daytona Beach convention hall for the finals.


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