Lupe Fiasco Kicked And Pushed Through The Celebrity SFV Charity Tournament

On Friday, four celebrities fought for $25,000 towards their favorite charity in the ELeague Street Fighter V competition. They set out to prove that they are more than just celebrities but can also fit into the world of competitive gaming.

Before participants Eva Marie (WWE), Lupe Fiasco (Grammy winner), Reggie Bush (NFL), and Shaquille O’Neal (NBA) went on stage, they all were given advice by the top players in the game with one important rule, don’t jump.

Before they hit the stage, they do their ceremonial signature handshakes with their coaches.


Eva Marie, playing with Laura, against the NBA Hall of Famer Shaq as he played with Ryu. She didn’t take too kindly with his hidden skills.

Eva got the best of Shaq with the first win, but he caught wind to her jumping and he countered with multiple uppercuts and spin-kicks to win. In between the rounds, while Shaq was celebrating, his coach held the joystick to block until he was able to sit back down. She felt she was cheated and wanted another shot.


Lupe Fiasco with Ken battles against Reggie Bush’s Zangief. Lupe headed into the competition as a semi-pro player himself after beating pro player Diago Umehara. Fiasco came in strong but underestimated Bush.

Bush got one victory against Fiasco but it wasn’t enough to get him to the finals.


It is down to Fiasco and Shaq, and button mashing was not going to work against Lupe. He referred to this round as “easy money”.

So easy that Fiasco during the match let go of the game board and went into the audience and Shaq still couldn’t finish the job, Resulting in a 0-2 victory for Lupe.

Now that the fun and games are over with the celebrity tournament, the ELeague invitational will resume with the pro players on May 5 with Group C.


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