Here Comes The ‘Boon’ To Talk Injustice 2 And Its Role In Esports.

With the buzz behind Injustice 2, scheduled to be released this month, fans may be a little disappointed to know that the director of the game Ed Boon is hinting that Ares will be returning as a downloadable content character (DLC) in the sequel.

This may not be anything major for those who played with him in the first game along with there being eight more DLC slots that will be filled throughout the year. But come on… Ares? He is unappealing as a character and one of the slowest fighters in the game.

Maybe this is an announcement for when they release details on another character it will continue the hype. Just as in the first Injustice where Scorpion made an appearance, there is a hint that another Mortal Kombat character will be added to the game. In addition to these DLCs, fans are still waiting to see if either Hell Boy or Spawn will be included and aren’t hiding who they want to see next.

With the possibility of Ares returning, it can be good news for players who use him and those who don’t. For those who play as Ares, they won’t have to go through the hassle of learning a new character and their fighting styles. For those who don’t, this revives the faith that some of their main characters from the first game will make a comeback such as Batgirl, or Solomon Grundy.

Hopefully, this is only a thought because there are plenty of DC Comic heroes that would be a good fit in the game including Static Shock and Red Hood. It would be better to leave it to the fans on if he should make a return as a DLC. But at this point, the line-up is stacked with a mix of past and new characters that even if he is featured, still a waste of space, it won’t hurt the excitement behind the game.

In an interview with Yahoo Esports, Boon says that the game will be esports ready. Changing the gear system of the game and certain features like blocking environmental attacks and turning off functions in the game will make it easier and fair for tournaments.

Nine DLCs in total are expected to be included in Injustice 2. The video featured below shows every character that has been revealed before it launches May 16.


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