Pistons Look For Other Ways to Win Championships By Signing With Esports


The 2K League is set to start in 2018 (Photo credit: Google)

The Detroit Pistons didn’t have what it take to make it to this year’s playoffs but plan to bring a championship to their team through e-sports. The Pistons is one of 17 NBA teams to sign to the competitive gaming circuit for the NBA2K E-League brand.

Similar to the NBA, there will be pre-season and regular season games followed by post-season games leading to the championships. It’s like giving gamers who have hoop dreams a chance to be a part of their favorite team.

In the interview with Freep.com, Mike Donnay, Owner of the Pistons Umbrella corporation Palace and Sports Entertainment, says that the league will be the same as the NBA. The plan is to sign five top players to a six-month contract with the inclusion of drafts. As time progresses the rules to how the league will function will be explained.

With more NBA teams becoming more involved in the e-sports brand, I wonder if they will model it like regular practices. Will the gamers even interact with the ball-players and get their take on how they play in the game and how their real life skills can be incorporated into their gameplay?

It is still cool to know that other sports are now buying into competitive gaming. Since it’s the 2K series, and the games are an extension of the NBA, I wonder if they get similar jerseys and endorsements. But one thing is for sure, it will be a chance to see dream match-ups we haven’t seen in a long time.

If all 32 teams in the NBA buy into the e-sports league the games can begin sooner than expected. Not sure how they will pick the players, but I think that college e-sports programs will be scouted as more schools are bringing in students and offering scholarships in competitive gaming.

The Pistons will join other teams including the Washington Wizards and The Portland Trailblazers in the 2K ELeague. In a tweet by the NBA’s Twitter account, it lists the teams that have signed on. The league is set to begin in 2018.


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