A Big Week For Street Fighter and The Fighting Game Community


The Street Fighter V Capcom Tour is not only featured on ESPN2, the ELeague shows air on TBS the world’s top players competing for thousands of dollars in prizes. Now the game is not just for professionals, as contestants in this season’s Amazing Race on CBS will have to face Lee ‘Infiltration’ Seon-Woo or Lee Chung ‘Poongko’ Gon as a challenge. The idea comes as the season takes place in South Korea, where the game is a sport of its own.

In a clip of the May 25 episode, contestants are given some advantages as they have to win a match against the pros. Some of these include them playing with one arm tied behind their back and playing blindfolded. Without these added stipulations, there’s no way they’ll ever complete the challenge. It would be a three part series before either of them are able to move on.

Increase In Sales

After a year of its release, the game has now managed to sell 1.6 million copies. With the help of competitions, including ELeague and Gfinity, more players are trying to get on the esports bandwagon in hopes to win big prizes. It’s funny how times have changed from wanting to be a basketball player to wanting to become a competitive gamer.

Character Updates This Friday 

Since the Capcom community had the chance to play with Ed, fans of the game can’t wait to spend their fight money on the new character. The wait is over with an upcoming update featuring nerfs, late fixes to characters, and Ed. Just like in Injustice 2 with the inclusion of Darkside, expect every pro and amateur player to use Ed and spam, use the same move, his psycho power. Other characters including Cammy and Zangief are expected to receive new moves in the update.

Nintendo Switch Release


This Friday, the Switch will be the latest console to feature a Street Fighter game with the ultra version featuring two new characters Evil RYU and Violent Ken. There are talks if the switch is ready for the esports scene, this game will test that theory. It will be difficult to go back to the 32-bit style gameplay compared to the fast-paced animation in SFV, but we’ll see with its debut Friday.

Within the week, Street Fighter managed to outshine the release of Injustice 2. With the Street Fighter ELeague semifinals airing this Friday, it shows how big it has become in the FGC. As a player in competitive gaming, I’m looking forward to the new nerfs in SFV and playing Ultra Street Fighter on my Nintendo Switch. Do you have what it takes to be the next Street Fighter pro? Shoryuken, I mean sure you can.


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