Bud Light Hosting Second Annual Esports All-Star Program And How You Can Become Nominated

In 2016, Bud Light introduced its esports program, showcasing some of Twitch’s top streamers and gamers to be featured on their channel. For the second year in a row, they’re bringing it back, as they’re seeing the growth of competitive gaming.

The games featured include CS:GO, Street Fighter V, Call of Duty and Hearthstone. The only catch is, since it’s hosted by a beer company, you have to be over the age of 21 to vote for this year’s nominees, including Justin Wong and Chris Tatarian. The winners will be featured on the Bud Light Twitch channel and mentored by last year’s winners.

How do you get nominated? 

This year’s group is locked in, but like the saying goes, ‘There’s always next year.’ To be considered, you have to start with your Twitch and YouTube subscribers and views. Competitions like this, and esports scouts, pay attention to how much traffic you have on these accounts.

It will also help to be as unique as possible. Twitch streamers have personalities that shine on camera and through their gameplay. One example comes from Bryant ‘Smug’ Huggins, as his videos feature him being goofy and using funny phrases that are entertaining no matter what game he plays.

Also, be as social as you can. Go to local tournaments, even if you’re not the best, and stay on your Twitter. Continue to build your fan base, so by next year you will have followers to vote for you.

What is the connection between beer and video games?

If you haven’t been to a tournament, then it’s hard to see how the two go together. Bars hold FGC tournaments to bring out more millennials, who will find themselves spending money on entering tournaments and buying drinks.

In an interview with Forbes, vice president of experimental marketing at Anheuser-Busch Eelco Van Der Noll said that last year was a risk but learned from the players about what they want. The goal this year is to bring the fans closer to their favorite esports players while building their brand.

“Our ultimate goal, of course, is to create brand affinity and brand preference so that people look more favorably to our Bud Light brand,” he said.

Voting is open for the 2017 nominees on the Bud Light esports website. If you want to be considered for next year, follow the three T’s, Twitter, Twitch, and tournaments.


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