Want To Be An Esports Player? Break These Bad Game Habits Now

Competitive gaming nowadays, especially in the Fighting Game Community, isn’t just about winning or losing, it’s about the disrespect behind the gameplay. Since players can’t stand up and point their middle fingers at one another, there are ways to curse your opponent out mid-game. At times, it’s funny; other times it’s annoying. Below are habits that all gamers share, but need to quit before thinking about the big leagues. 

Rage Quitters

The definition of a rage quitter is someone who lost so badly they leave the game. This doesn’t mean that they’re sore losers, but it can be annoying, especially playing online. Recently, gaming servers such as Street Fighter V and Injustice, and coming soon to For Honor,  have implemented punishments for people who rage quit. Punishments include rank drop and suspension from online play. The punishments don’t stop rage quitters, but it’s nice to know they’re taking it seriously.

Tea bag

The most popular way to give someone a subliminal middle finger is a teabag. It’s a common move in fighting games like Tekken and Smash Bros, but will still make even the most professional player mad. You’ll see this more in Smash or SFV when your shield breaks or stunned. It’s a way to bash your opponents game play through humiliation.

One And Done

Sometimes you only have one chance to prove yourself to someone online. Players who commit the one and done are usually the ones who win a match by the skin of their teeth. Think of playing at a roulette table and you won the first round, and you take your winnings and walk away.


Unfortunately, I’m not talking about the canned ham. Spammers are one-trick ponies who win using the same attack multiple times. It’s almost as bad as the tea bag because you can imagine your opponent laughing as they’re doing it.

Excuse Maker

There will always be a player who will try to ease the pain of losing by making excuses. There are over a hundred different excuses one can use, but if you use any of the following, you’re the excuse maker:

“My controller is broke.”

“You didn’t beat me. I stopped caring.”

“They don’t have my character.”

“There was a lag.”

To be the most disrespectful gamer is to be three of the five above. Spam one move and stun your opponent, tea bag, and one and done can make you the biggest loser online.

It helps to break these habits before becoming a professional gamer. Just like how an employer can tell a lot from your Facebook; scouts can do the same by watching your content and streams. It can mean that you’re not the easiest person to work with and no one wants to sponsor someone who’s difficult.  

If you’re planning on becoming a serious esports player, start by breaking these habits. Instead, learn from your mistakes and recycle that anger into motivation to be better than you were the game before.


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