GameStop Hometown Heroes Preseason Starts Today, Test Your Might And Your Connection

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GameStop will host its first Hometown Heroes Tournament including, Injustice 2, starting with its preseason tournament today. The online tournament will give pros and amateurs a chance to compete in regional tournaments, with the top-8 moving on to the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas on Aug. 27.

Finally, there is an online tourney for the series. The last time the servers were up for the first game was two years ago, which meant that no one was able to play online. But with a faster server and frequent updates, there should be no worries this time around. However, before you accept a challenge online, make sure you follow this checklist so that you won’t have any disadvantages.

Know The Characters

Image result for Injustice 2 character screen

Injustice 2 character select screen (Photo credit; USgamer)

Since the release, everyone who’s played online has mentioned how Deadshot is one of the most broken, hard to beat, characters in the game. This is because of his range attacks and different power-ups. There are other characters who are considered broken, including Darkseid, Joker and Bane. It’s easy to find a character’s weak spot as players online spam the same moves.

It will also help to play as other characters, besides your main choice, to get a better Idea of their skills and learn how to counter them with your character.

Check Your Internet

WiFi is cool, but depending on your service provider it can drop for a split second, resulting in a lag that freezes the game. I recommend using that ethernet cord you may have thrown in the junk drawer. Connect it to your modem and your console to prevent lagging.

Clean Your Disk/ Restart Game

It’s been a couple weeks since the game was released, so by this time, there are a good amount of fingerprint on the disk. With a soft, clean, dry cloth, gently wipe your disk free from smudges and prints. This is important because if you’re playing halfway through the game with a dirty disk, it will stop because the disk can’t be read. If you have a direct download, you have nothing to worry about. Simply close the application and reopen it.

This is the second online tournament (following the Gfinity series, which host Street Fighter V, Rocket League and Counter Strike GO). The regions for this year’s tournament include Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, New York and Miami. To sign up, visit the ESL Gaming website and follow the instruction to connect. The official tournament starts June 4.


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