Nintendo Switches It’s Focus On Esports With Two Upcoming Titles

It’s been three months since the Nintendo Switch hit stores. Although it’s a unique console, does it have what it takes to be taken seriously as an esports platform?

Nintendo thrives through the Super Smash Bros. titles, but is that all it’s good for? There are two upcoming titles that can make their way to the tournament scene, Arms and Splatoon 2.


Release Date: June 16

images (12).jpg

Photo: Nintendo

The game features boxing characters with springs for arms fighting from a long distance apart. This weekend was the second week of the test punch to try the game before its release. If so, it could be the first motion sensor game to be included in esports.

Splatoon 2

Release Date: July 21

download (16)

Photo: Nintendo

The colorful, paint-slinging game returns to Nintendo with the intention of being featured in competitive gaming. The game is more like a safe Call of Duty, as instead of bullets, each team shoots paintballs at each other. There is so much potential that the game has to offer, and with the addition of the new Switch pro controller, it has all the tools to be on the big stage. We’ve gotten a glimpse of what it can look like in big tourneys during the last 30 seconds of the Switch commercial.

To introduce the idea of the two games joining esports, Nintendo plans to hold tournaments for both at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). For those who aren’t coordinated enough to play games like Battlefield or COD, Splatoon 2 would be a nice change of pace, because it’s not about how many kills you have, but how much paint you splattered on the field.

It’ll be a good idea to bring in motion gaming, as we already have virtual reality tournaments. These two games aren’t the only competitive ones fans are excited about, as talks of a new Pokemon game for the Switch is rumored. With a new system and more competitive games, we can take Nintendo serious again as being a lead console in the game wars.


4 thoughts on “Nintendo Switches It’s Focus On Esports With Two Upcoming Titles

  1. Not sold on Splatoon2 being a tournament-level shooter. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great fun but I see it more as a game for people who want to play a shooter but without the stresses of traditional games like COD, Battlefield and Overwatch.

    ARMS however is fucking brutal. Really fun but far deeper than it’s cutesy exterior suggests. Perfect for eSports. Hope it catches on.


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