New Character DLC In Injustice 2 Will Have Fans Seeing Red… Hood And Others


If you managed to take a break from Tekken 7 yesterday, you will notice a big update to Injustice 2. In the character selection screen, we get a glimpse of the new batch of downloadable characters before they’re released.

So far, we know that Red Hood is a confirmed DLC since he has a trailer of his gameplay. Other confirmed characters include Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero and Starfire, but it’s the other silhouettes that are creating a stir online.  

With the three disclosed above, there are six of nine remaining DLCs who are not confirmed. However, vacant outlines of Black Manta, Raiden of Mortal Kombat and Atom, the smallest silhouette on the select screen, make it clear they’ll be in the game. Three of the remaining vacant spots are leaving people guessing who else will appear. Below are my predictions of those possible characters. 


images (13)

With “Suicide Squad” being a hit movie, the inclusion of the character makes sense. If she is in the game, the majority of her power would come from her magic. Making her possibly another ranged character, someone who fights at a distance. It makes it more obvious if you look at the character’s forehead, there’s an image of the moon piece she wears.

Hell Boy

images (14)

Before the game was released, there was the debate of including either Spawn or Hell Boy to the roster. To the far, upper left box on the selection screen, the outline looks nothing like Spawn. Leaving it to believe he can possibly be the big red guy.


download (19).jpg

The demon fighter comes to mind, as one of the characters has a collar and I think of Constantine’s coat. Some believe that it can be WildCat, but the outline of the character doesn’t match his build. If it is him, it would make up for, in a way, the fact NBC canceled his show. Wait, no it doesn’t… We want it back. 

DLCs are what keep an old game fresh as it does for Street Fighter V. Injustice 2 is still a new game and we won’t see the confirmation of the new characters, besides the first season pack, for a while.   

(Photo credits: Gamespot, DC Comic, DC extended universe)


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