Yahoo! Delivers A Kick To The FGC Community By Eliminating It’s Esports Section

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Photo Credit: TechCrunch

Yahoo! Esports provided content on the latest in competitive gaming including League of Legends and Street Fighter V among others. In a letter released yesterday by Head of Esports Media Travis Gafford, he wrote that there will no longer be updates starting June 16.

The reason behind the decision is to put more focus on growing the sports brand at Yahoo! But according to, this is because of the merger with AOL/Verizon. Since the announcement, fans of their esports content have expressed their disbelief and support for their favorite writers and interviewers.

The news comes during the Electronic and Entertainment Expo, which will be one of the last features for its esports section. Near the end of the letter, Gafford thanks the gaming community for their involvement in their coverage.

“I want to thank the esports community. As is often the case, there was a great deal of skepticism when a large company entered the esports space. You challenged us to create authentic videos and articles from familiar faces and names. With the help of teams, players, leagues, and publishers we strived to provide you engaging, entertaining, and informative content. In turn, you embraced us across Smash, CS:GO, League, FGC, and many more communities. Your passion and support drove us.”

Despite this difficult time, the content producers have to continue, as Michael Martin mentioned in an interview with WPGO last month, keep grinding and doing the work they love.

WePlayGamingOnline wishes all the those at Yahoo! Esports good luck in their futures.


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