Don’t Let online Rankings Kill Your Dreams Of Making It To The Pros

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(Photo Credit: Eventhub)

Imagine Playing Street Fighter V and beating the competition and climbing the ranks. You go from bronze level, to silver, and to gold. Then the server starts to pair you against diamond and master players who destroy you in a matter of seconds. It feels like they are not only destroying your rank but your spirit to become the next fighting game community, (FGC), player.

There are three types of players in the FGC, there are those who strive to be better, those who breakdown after losing, and those who don’t care about points.


Strivers are players who want to be better and take their losses as motivation to become a better player. These players spend more time in the training room than online working out the kinks in their fight style. This is the player that all inspiring pro gamers need to be to get far in tournaments.


Guys who spent little time training but think they have what it takes to get far in the ranks. The confidence is there until they’re beaten and then they give up on their dreams. These are also potential rage quitters who would rather sacrifice their rank themselves than lose it (especially since most games have including punishments for rage quitters) and not care about the consequences.

Careless Gamer

Another way to be a great gamer is not to focus on ranks at all. Sure it’s good when you rank up, but it’s not your first priority. They don’t care if they win or lose, and don’t do one and done sets, where a player only plays once and leaves after winning or losing. It’s an advantage because instead of worrying about ranks, the player is more focused on learning their opponents fighting style and perfecting their own.

It would be easier to be a striver or careless player if there was a way to hide your opponent’s rank online to eliminate that stress. When it comes to playing professionally you’re not facing Master Victor “Punk” Woodley or Diamond Sean “Iamstilldadaddy” Dench, you are facing the player. When it comes to face to face gaming, the ranks don’t matter at the moment, just pride and prizes.


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