Nintendo Announces ARMS First DLC, But Here are Some Characters We’re Reaching For

Last week, the trailer of the latest downloadable character to the ARMS game on the Nintendo Switch was released. The first DLC character will be Max Brass, who is also the boss in the game. 

Brass is like a fusion between Street Fighter’s Zangief and Bison. Along with the new DLC comes a new stage that is a metal and steel wrestling ring that has a big statue of his face.

After watching the trailer I thought that he looks cool, but I was looking forward to a DLC that would better fit the game and pay homage to Nintendo. Since they’re not the first to be featured, here are some ideas of who should be next in the game.

Little Mac

Image result for little mac

In a boxing game like ARMS, it would be cool to see the Punch Out champ throw some hands in the game. If they want to step away from this obvious boxer, another alternative can be King Hippo


Image result for dhalsim

This character doesn’t need spring arms, as he is able to stretch far on his own. This is the one game where his stretching ability would come in handy outside of Street Fighter.


Image result for kirby

With Kirby having the ability to become whatever he swallows, he can easily become one of the characters and put up a good fight. Also, if his grabs include his intake ability that would be cool.

Stretch Armstrong

Image result for Stretch Armstrong

The classic elastic 90s toy where kids can stretch him up to five feet would be an outside the box addition to the game. Putting an old school character like him will bring back memories to those 80s and 90s babies. a little bit of nostalgia along with Little Mac will make the game that much more enjoyable.

It may be a while before we get news of the next DLC to this breakout competitive game. Max Brass is a tough character to beat in the story mode of the game, imagine how dominate he can be now that he is a part of the roster.


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