The Latest Rumored SFV Character Goes From Final Boss To DLC.

In the latest news surrounding Street Fighter V, the next downloadable character is said to be Final Fight’s boss villain Abigal. A hidden page through the Capcom Fighters Network website made it clear he will make an appearance in the game.

Image result for final fight boss abigail

The Birdie looking character uses a chain, has a mohawk, and cheetah print crop top. The difference between Abigal and Birdie is he appears to be much bigger. In the silhouette of what can possibly be him in the season 2 characters, he takes up the majority of space in his section. Below is the outline of the season two fighters and Abigal looks to be the next in line for release in 2017.


Image result for SFV 2017 season two fighters abigail

Final Fight made its debut in 1989 and is an adventure game related to the Street Fighter franchise as it takes place in the same universe. Other characters from the game also made an appearance in past Street Fighter games including Guy and Hagger. His rumored appearance joins the other rumored characters of Menat the fortune teller and Zeku, who appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 2 as Guy’s teacher but was a non-playable character.

To get an idea of who Abigal is, here’s some gameplay featuring him in the boss battle in Final Fight.

In the course of three months, the rumor mill kept turning with who will be the next character to appear in SFV. The first round of DLCs including Akuma, Kolin, and Ed, along with occasional patches, was released in the beginning of the year and renewed the interest of people getting their hands on the game. When released, the character will cost $5.99 USD or $100,000 in SFV fight money.


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