Injustice 2 Can be All That If There Were No Chips




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Injustice 2 just got the chills with the addition of characters Redhood and Sub-Zero, who was just released yesterday. However, what would make the game much more enjoyable, in recreation and in tournaments, is to eliminate chip damage.

Unlike in Street Fighter V, where if an attack chips at your health bar, you can recover over time (unless it’s a super attack that deals more damage), once you’re chipped in the game that part of your health bar is gone. Maybe the creators think because you have two health bars that it won’t make a difference, but it does, especially when you’re playing a ranged character who spams the same move. This has been the topic of discussion this year even before the game was released.

Injustice rarely receives patch updates, but this can be one that gives players a fair chance at winning without knowing the game is over once they see that last bit of life hacked away.

As they continue to add new characters to the roster, hopefully, Ed Boon, creative director at NetherRealm Studios, will take into consideration that a patch to fix this particular part of the game is well needed.



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