ESPN and Disney Evolves to Bring The Action Of This Years EVO 2017

Two of cables popular channels, ESPN and Disney XD,  will air the Street Fighter V and the Super Smash Bros finals this Sunday.

SFV and Smash Bros. are considered the two leading titles that lead the annual tournament. The road to the finals begins today with over 2,000 competitors in each game fighting and button mashing to become the best player of 2017.

Yesterday, in a tweet, the Street Fighter account posted what could be a weekend of exciting news for players.

With the rumor mill of the next downloadable character being Abigal from Final Fight, this weekend we could receive confirmation. Sorry Ed, but a new character announcement may end your excitement. Hopefully, there’ll be some surprising news on a Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch, fingers crossed.

It will be a big weekend of Twitch viewers as majority of the matches will be streamed on the gaming site. The schedule for this weekend’s tournaments and Twitch channels are available below.



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