Dreamhack Atlanta 2017 Probably won’t bring 100 percent from Its competitors


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Photo Credit: Battlefy


It’s only been a week since the Evolution 2017 tournament, which brought out the best players from all over the world, and immediately the next stop is Atlanta, GA,  for the Dreamhack competition.

Unlike EVO where it’s mostly dedicated to the fighting game community, this competition includes other esports games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Halo 5, H1Z1, Hearthstone, and Rocket League along with Street Fighter V and Tekken 7.

Tournaments such as this also serve as a meet and greet as players can take pictures and talk to some of their favorite players. One pro player, in particular, is making his way there after an emotional loss at EVO 2017.

Even though it’s another week, another tournament, many of the competitors in the FGC are probably still winding down after the Super Bowl of gaming. A weekend straight in Las Vegas playing games and mingling with other people would probably take a couple of weeks to shake off, as it can seem like it happened just yesterday. There’s a good chance we will see, at max, 80-90 percent of the drive at Dreamhack than we’ve seen at EVO.

The prize pool total for this year’s esports competitions is over $800,000 that will be divided between the games for the winners. Just like any other competition, expect to see funny, exciting, and heartbreaking moments, but these moments make tournaments such as these more memorable.

in addition to esports, other competitions and activities on the floor including cosplay, tabletop games, and panel discussions.

Another competition that will take place at Dreamhack is the University grudge match where southern colleges compete to see who is the best in esports. These universities include Georgia State, Georgia Southern, University of Georgia, Clemson, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and North Carolina State University. This shows that more colleges are jumping on the esports train as an extension of their athletics departments.

All the action will be streamed on Twitch this weekend. A list of the scheduled times for each tournament can be found here.



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