It’s Been One Day And Abigail’s Gears Are Making Players Mad With Power


Credit: YouTube


Yesterday, the long awaited Abigail was available after a four-hour software download and he was everything that the trailer said he’d be. But within the first six hours of his release, numerous post and tweets about him were uploaded showing how much of an advantage he has over other characters in Street Fighter V.


As big as he is, you would think that finding a spot to hit would be no problem, but it turns out that his hitbox only stretches from his mid to lower body, making his upper body attacks difficult to counter unless you’re close to him.

In the video above, Urien’s electric blast surpasses a standing Abigail but can hit him in his midsection.


He’s not the overall toughest character in the game (that crown can belong to Balrog), but he does have moves that give him the same type of armor like Birdie and Zangief. His invincibility occurs when he is running and his overhead attack.

What’s been a popular move of his since his release is the never ending EX axe handle smash. It’s literally like fighting the Hulk In Marvel Vs. Capcom, or Donkey Kong in Smash Bros.

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

Although he has these mechanics that would make a spammer go wild, he has his weaknesses. For example, his jumps are lower compared to the other heavy characters in the game, which means his chances of receiving a crush counter is high. Characters who have over head attacks including Akuma, Bison, and Ibuki can use those attacks to their advantage, as long as Abigail doesn’t receive the read in time.

Within one day, SFV players have been streaming their use of the new character, poor Ed’s brand new package has been torn and he’s been replaced with the eight-foot mechanic who loves cars but hits like a semi-truck.

For those who think he is too much to handle, this is good practice to see how well you can play against a pressure character who takes up a quarter of your screen.

Abigail is the latest addition to the game. Other products available for purchase include new stages ‘Suzaku’, ‘Metro City Bay Area’, and the new Capcom arena along with new sports costumes for Laura, Rashid, and Ibuki, and the tactical suit for Guile. You can buy these add ons in the PlayStation Store or through the game with fight money by completing different tasks from the server.


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