ESL Kicks Off With Top Four Players In Street Fighter V Battles

Image result for smug esl brawlers

The ESL tournament debuted on Disney XD and brought in the top four players in the world of Street Fighter V to battle to be the first ‘Boss’ of the game. The four competitors include Bryant ‘SMUG’ Huggins, Victor ‘Punk’ Woodley, Martin ‘ Marn’ Phan, and Kenneth ‘K-Brad’ Bradley.

What makes this tournament more enjoyable to watch is seeing these guys in a more calm environment. It’s like watching friends play at each other’s house. Smug, however, continue to prove that his Balrog is tough to beat with a 7-4 lead against K-Brad. If Brad would’ve used Cammy in the beginning, it could’ve been a different story.

The most surprising moment is Marn beating Punk 10-6 with Ibuki. Marn gloated about his victory over punk in a post interview. “I didn’t know he was that bad,” He said.

In the end, SMUG became the first boss of the game beating Marn 10-3. But now with the throne and the stylish leather jacket, he has a target on his back in which he will have to defend in the upcoming weeks.

See if a new challenger can dethrone SMUG next Thursday at 9 p.m. on Disney XD.


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