Left Field Characters Who Could Be Dominant In Smash Bros For Nintendo Switch

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Photo Credit: Engadget.com

Let’s say if Nintendo makes an all new Smash Bros for its latest console/portable the Switch, we can get the surprise of new downloadable characters in the franchise. The last game featured Cloud from Final Fantasy, Ryu from Street Fighter, and Bayonetta from her self-titled game.

There are a lot of fan videos that express who they want in the game next. But outside of the requested Goku and Banjo Kazooie, there are some characters that have the potential to shock fans and be good fighters in the game.

Sketch Turner (Comix Zone)

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Before Mr. Shifty, there was Comix zone. The game followed Turner as he fought bad guys through pages of a comic book that were hand drawn in the game. He’s more of the brawler type so he would be that of another Mario or Ryu. His final smash can include the hand from the game drawing the opponent in his world and he goes ape, no pun intended to Donkey and Diddy.

Ninja Gaiden (Self-titled game)

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One of the most iconic game characters has to be Ninja Gaiden. He would be a swordsman to the likes of Roy and Marth. But with him being a ninja, his speed would be greater than the others. His final smash can be a continuous slashing and vanishing attack.

Earthworm Jim

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Another icon, Earthworm Jim, has a worm for a head (well duhhhhh) and a blaster, both dangerous weapons. His blaster can have three modes; a small shot, medium shot, and a hyper blast that if held for too long, will blow him up, but when delivered can cause great damage. His final smash can be a bigger blaster, similar to the three-part items in the game, that will blow the opponent away.

Shadow (Eternal Champions)

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If you’re not familiar with this game, it is a rip-off of the DC Universe with characters that look like Green Lantern and Raven. Shadow, pictured above, looks similar to Black Canary, but still packs a punch.  She is also a ninja who throws stars and bombs. Her final smash can include her throwing stars and fans at her opponents followed by three big front flip kicks.


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Glover had two titles that played like Mario 64, although it was also featured on PlayStation. Not much really known about this character, but it would be safe to assume he would adopt Master Hand’s powers, with a final smash being to inflate himself and slapping the opponent off the stage.

Nights (Nights into Dreams)

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Nights is said to be one of the games that made SEGA Dreamcast a must have. In her game, she helps two kids, Claris and Elliot, stop evil from their dream world Nightopia and the real world. Since she is a product of the Sonic franchise, it would be nice to see her power up and have her do her corkscrew but as a tackle for her final smash.

These characters might have been forgotten to some but can be resurrected with the help of the fighting multiverse of Smash Bros. It would be a surprise if any of these characters are featured on a ballot for fans to vote.

What can kill this dream is if Nintendo continues to be lazy and move the Wii U title to the Switch as rumored. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we get a new title with new characters, stages, a better online tournament mode.

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