This Week In FGC: New Releases and EVO Japan




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This weekend is packed with all things FGC (Fighting Game Community) so expect a lot more people to either watch or go live on Twitch and YouTube. With it being just one week since Frosty Faustings and the release of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, here is the next round of anticipated games and events.


EVO Japan (Street Fighter V: A.E.)

The event kicked off yesterday with the buzz around Twitter of Leah ‘Gllty’ Hayes laying the smackdown on the competition so far during day one. There’s still plenty more gaming to go as the weekend is just getting started.


Other games included in this weekend’s event include:

  • Blaze Blue
  • ARMS
  • Guilty Gear X
  • Tekken 7
  • Smash Bros (Wii U)
  • King of Fighters

All the games streamed can be view on Twitch at both Capcom Fighters and EVO’s page. Below is the schedule for the rest of the weekend.

Soul Calibur Reveals Four Character Additions

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In a trailer released yesterday, three returning characters, Nightmare, Kilik, and Xianghua and new character Groh, will be making their way into the sixth installment of the Soul Calibur series. This brings the total number of confirmed characters to six as they join Mitsurugi and Sophitia, who were confirmed during last year’s Video Game Awards.

The release date for the game is not yet confirmed but more characters are expected to be confirmed as the game inches closer to its release. Get a first look at each characters gameplay below.


DragonBall Fighter Z Is Finally Here!!!

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Since it’s announcement last year and the frequent character reveals over the past few months, the hype behind DBFZ was so big that fighting game fans believed it will end Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite. The argument stems from the comparison of fighting styles as DBFZ is similar to the MVC gameplay.

The game is out now and the goal for many is to grasp the gameplay before it’s officially part of this year’s tournament scene. With the game now released, players can actually practice their teams and matchups as the beta didn’t allow them to do that and received complaints about being disconnected from the server.

If you haven’t preordered to receive bonus DLC, you’ll have to check your console’s store to buy add-ons when they become available.

Stay up-to-date with WePlayesports as we will bring new information from EVO Japan as it becomes available.


DBFZ Beta And SFV Update Coming This Week… What You Need To Know


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In case you’ve forgotten, which you probably didn’t, two of the biggest titles in the fighting game community will be available starting Sunday. Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be heading to your console’s online store this week and here’s what you need to know before their release.


Dragon Ball Fighter Z Beta

The beta for the highly anticipated fighter will be available this Sunday, Jan. 14 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. However, if you’ve pre-ordered the game you have access to the beta Saturday. You can download the beta now for it to be ready by the time it opens.

Although the game has a stacked roster with the recent inclusion of Hit, the beta will only include 11 playable characters including Goku, Piccolo, and Android 18. Get the full list here.  The beta will also include a practice mode.

The full game will be available Jan. 26, but the beta will only be available until Jan. 16 and there’s probably a predictable reason why…

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition 

Related image

The long awaited update, or copy if you don’t already own it, for SFV finally arrives on PlayStation and Steam on Tuesday. With the game/update having more content added, expect a longer update.

There is a light at the end of the update. Players get to play as the first DLC of Season 3, Sakura.

The real patch notes were released earlier this week which mentions a new ranking “Grand Master” and the ability to change your fighter ID and home flag.

In case you’ve forgotten also, the results of the Street Fighter fan poll will be revealed on the same day. Capcom still hasn’t revealed the purpose of the poll. Some think it will determine if there will be a costume for the winning character since Chun-Li has her own Forever 21. It’s a possibility since there will be crossover costumes from other Capcom games which players can earn by doing monthly missions.

Who do you think should’ve been available in the DBFZ beta? Now that fans know the other five characters in SFV: AE, should they mix up the release of who’s coming next? Comment and let us know your thoughts.

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Rise Takes Top Two Spots In Street Fighter V At KIT


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Some of the best players in Street Fighter V came out for this weekend’s Kumite in Tennessee. The dim lit stage was the home of newcomers and pros competing in the first major of the new year. However, the weekend became one for team Rise.


After eliminating Punk and Wolfkrone, Bryant ‘Smug’ Higgins went on to face his teammate and 2017 Capcom Cup champion Saul ‘MenaRD’  Segundo in the grand finals. Balrog vs Birdie was a clash of the heavyweights, but despite having speed and heavy punches, Smug came short of beating Mena who took first place, his first since winning Capcom Cup.

The Rise team couldn’t be more proud taking first and second place in the tournament.

The rest of the Top 8 include:

3. Wolfkrone (Circa)

4. Punk (Panda Global)

5. Splash

5. Squall (BxA)

7. Kami (UYU)

7. Magnegro (DRD)

Following the grand finals, KIT announced their next location for their tournament:

If you enjoyed the event from this past weekends Kumite and want to be the next rising star in esports to take the stage, Keep an eye on on for registration once it becomes available.

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Street Fighter Patch Notes Are Out… What To Expect Come Arcade Edition

Image result for street fighter arcade editionThe day has come as Street Fighter fans find out who got the buffs, improvements, and who got the nerfs, less power.

The patch notes are now available and some low tier characters including Fang and Alex are receiving the improvements fans hoped for, others like Balrog and Ibuki received some patches that will change how players fight.

Some are literally praying that these changes will improve the game in addition to their character buffs.

Since the release of the notes was in Japanese, Eventhubs released the translations on their site. The common buff that almost all characters received is in their stun bar, meaning it will take a little more to make your opponent see stars and birds.

Find out if your character received the buffs and your enemies received the nerfs they deserved by clicking here.


It has come to our attention that the notes that were released earlier were not the finalized copy as mentioned by Capcom via tweet. According to, Capcom did promise a final list soon, but the Google/PDF file has already circulated around the internet since this morning.

Translation by Bing: Operation of the SFV today, temporarily on the site next adjustment might update has been released, original and is becoming a different list. To inconvenience any inconvenience, we are sorry. The correct list will be published in the near future.

This gives hope to some characters like Balrog and Zangief but at this point, the real reveal of patches may come following AE.

But don’t give up hope, there may be some truth to these notes but the only way to find out is Jan. 16 when the game/update occurs.

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The Motivation: Top Five FGC Memorable moments of 2017

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2017 was the year of newcomers and champions with Saul ‘Mena RD’ Segundo winning Capcom Cup 2017 and Saleem ‘Salem’ Young knocking off Gonzalo ‘ZeRo’ Barrios to become the new champion of Smash Bros Wii U.

As a new year of tournaments and upsets is here, WPE wants to revisit some of the moments of 2017 that will help players, new and old, set their sites for what’s to come in 2018.

Itabashi Zangief Waste No Time

In this year’s Capcom Cup, Hiromiki ‘Itabashi Zangief’ Kumada, or Itazan for short, faced Moke (2-1) in the set and was trying to end Itazan’s stay in the tournament. With the last two seconds in the fourth game, Moke tried to jump and run away from Zangief but was caught with an air EX SPD to tie the game.

The smile that crossed Itazan’s face mimicked the face most of the crowd made following that play. Itazan went on to win the set from Moke. Skip to 14:56 for this comeback moment


Nemo Making The Most Of His LCQ

After winning his spot in the Capcom Cup Last Chance Qualifier, Naoki ‘Nemo’ Nemoto along with his character, Urien, swept through most of the players he came across at CC2017. His run landed him in third after falling to Mena RD.

No One Is As Humble As Cool Kid 93

FGC fans were applauding after Marcus ‘The Cool Kid 93’ Redmond defeated Wolfkrone in the RedBull Proving Grounds NA Grand Finals. However, it was his acceptance speech that captured the audience. It was heartfelt and proved that he loves the game and the people who support him, especially his wife Joy.

Tokido Wouldn’t Let Punk Evolve 

One of the most emotional moments of Evolution 2017 when Hajime ‘Tokido’ Taniguchi beat Victor ‘Punk’ Woodley, killing the dream of him becoming the first North American player to win the tournament in Street Fighter.

The look of defeat was shown on Punk’s face as he felt like he let so many people down. With that burden on his back and a new year to fight through, he wants to resurrect that goal at this year’s EVO 2018.

New Year, New Players


Image result for soul calibur 6

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Not exactly a moment in the FGC but this will contribute to what’s to come. With Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Street Fighter Arcade Edition and Soul Calibur 6 making their way to consoles, there are going to be more players coming from the shadows to participate in this year’s tournaments.


Expect more upsets and larger registrations as more people are going to see if they have what it takes to be the next Mena RD or Salem in 2018.

What were some of your favorite moments? Comment what moments you thought deserved to be an honorable mention from last years tournament scene.

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