Soul Calibur And DBFZ Release Teaser Trailers New Characters

Image result for soul calibur 6 ivy

Soul Calibur’s latest addition to the roster, Ivy. (Photo Credit: Siliconera)

Last week more characters and information was announced for both Soul Calibur VI and Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

DBFZ fans learned that Bardock and Broly will be the first two DLC characters that will be introduced to the game. Information about their stats and visuals of the characters are currently available. Their teaser trailers, however, unlike the other characters who were announced before the game’s release, only shows the intros of the characters entering the fight. Their skillset still remains a mystery along with their release dates.

In addition to these two, there will be six more characters coming to the game and all can be attainable through the season pass.

Broly’s Teaser

Bardock’s Teaser

In addition to the characters, information regarding an upcoming update that will include patches was also announced.

Soul Calibur VI will bring back two veteran fighters to the series, Isabella “Ivy” Valentine, and Zasalamel. Ivy has been in every title in the series as Zasalamel made his debut in the game in the third title.

With Ivy’s whip and Zasalamel’s holy blade deals a good amount of damage making them potential top tier characters but time will tell.  Check out their gameplay below.

Soul Calibur VI doesn’t have an official release date but will be released later this year.

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Dealing With “Annoying Characters” In Street Fighting V: Arcade Edition

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“That’s not fair!” or “This is the cheapest character on here” are common phrases used when players fight a character that is overpowered or have the ability to spam a particular move.  In some cases, the players do have a point that some characters actually deserve nerfs, even if their characters don’t receive buffs.

Below are some of the characters players find annoying either in tournament or online.


Image result for abigail sfv

The ‘Mad Gear Gang’ leader, who takes up almost the entire half of the screen has become a blessing to online players who want to rank up fast. Players can spam a simple light punch that will cancel most attacks from your opponent.

What makes him unfair?

Abigail isn’t a bad character to play against until he activates v-trigger and obtain armor that allows him to do heavy attacks without the worry of getting hit. His V2 gives him infinite armor as he charges towards you.

How to beat him?

Keep distance. This might be a little difficult if you have a charge character but you do have an advantage of delivering damage if the timing is right.  We all want to get that knock out to get the match over with but sometimes, even if it’s a bogus way, a time over victory may be your best friend if you don’t have projectiles.


Image result for Bison sfv

The original boss of the Street Fighter world wasn’t seen as top tier in the first two seasons but that didn’t detour players from picking him. He received some buffs following the release of AE and he now joins the list of repeat characters you’ll find online.

What makes him unfair?

Since the addition of his V2, Bison has become more dangerous to fight against. His psycho power is also a problem as if helps build gray life fast and a hit can take that away from you. It’s also easy to forget while trying to dodge his power, he has his slide and air attacks.

How to beat him?

Bison likes to come close to hit you with his power, that can also be his weakness. It’s best to wait and feel out exactly which Bison you’re playing. There’s the player with patience who waits for you or the one who feels they have to get to you. The best option is to have patience as well. Whether he uses the slide, air stomp, or dashes towards you, medium kick and anti-air will give you the edge to win.


 Image result for guile

Sonic booms and flash kicks make Guile one of the toughest to beat. But the thing about him and other charge characters is they can only do it for so long before they want to negate the chip damage and go in for the kill. Though they are annoying, depending on your character, there are ways to sneak a hit or two.

How is he unfair?

Again, sonic booms and flash kicks. Unless you’re Chun or Blanka where you can slide under, getting to him is a bit hard. Now with V2 where he can throw a boom from a flash kick and follow with a double summersault, his juggle allows him to create space to where a true spammer can shine.

How to beat him?

Wait it out. Keep the footsies to avoid a quick dash into a grab. All charge characters want to work their way in somehow but the final 10 seconds will work to your advantage if you have a healthy life lead.

Of course, any character will be annoying to someone who doesn’t understand matchups. The best way to beat annoying characters, especially online, is to practice. Lab against each character and not just the ones you hate. If you’re not familiar with what each character is capable of it will become frustrating in play.

Make sure you squeeze that lab time in as it is one of the key things that will help you become better.

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Seven U.S. Stops Confirmed For Capcom Pro Tour 2018

A new year means a new season of the Capcom Pro Tour. The tour, known for showcasing the best in fighting games, is back as this year’s focus solely belongs to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

This year, seven, not including the North America qualifying events, of the CPT events will take place in the U.S. including Combo Breaker, CEO, EVO, and Final Round. Below is the complete list of the premier and other qualifying events where you can start earning your points from

Image result for capcom pro tour dates


EVOLUTION 2018  – Las Vegas, NV, August 3-5



FINAL ROUND 20 – Atlanta, GA, March 16-18

NORCAL REGIONALS 2018 – Sacramento, CA, March 30 – April 1

STUNFEST 2018 – Rennes, France, May 18-20

COMBO BREAKER 2018 – Chicago, IL, May 25-27

TW FIGHTER MAJOR – Taipei, Taiwan, June 16-17

COMMUNITY EFFORT ORLANDO 2018 – Daytona Beach, FL, June 29 – July 1

VSFIGHTING 2018 – Birmingham, UK, July 20-22

ESPORTS FESTIVAL HONG KONG – Hong Kong, August 25-26

CHINA PREMIER EVENT – China, September 1-2

DREAMHACK MONTREAL – Montreal, Canada, September 7-9

SOCAL REGIONALS 2018 – Los Angeles, CA September

JAPAN PREMIER at TOKYO GAME SHOW – Tokyo, Japan, September

EGX – EU REGIONAL FINAL – Birmingham, UK, September 20-23

SEAM 2018 – ASIA REGIONAL FINAL – Singapore, October 13-14

CANADA CUP 2018 – Toronto, Canada, October 26-28


LATAM REGIONAL FINAL – Brazil, November 2-4




TEXAS SHOWDOWN – Houston, TX, May 4-6

TORYUKEN – Toronto, Canada, May 19-20

DREAMHACK AUSTIN – Austin, TX, June 1-3

NORTH WEST MAJORS – Des Moines, WA, June 22-24

DEFEND THE NORTH – White Plains, NY, July 20-22

SUMMER JAM – Philadelphia, PA, August 31 – September 2

EAST COAST THROWDOWN – New Jersey, October 20-21



THAIGER UPPERCUT – Bangkok, Thailand, March 24-25

FIGHTER’S SPIRIT – Seoul, Korea, April 14-15

SAIGON CUP – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, April 21-22

BATTLE ARENA MELBOURNE – Melbourne, Australia, May 16-18

ABUGET CUP – Jakarta, Indonesia, July 7-8

FV CUP 2018 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 14-15



BRUSSELS CHALLENGE – Brussels, Belgium, April 7-8

SONIC BOOM – Madrid, Spain, July 7-8

HEADSTOMPER – Denmark, July 28-29

FIGHT CLUB NRW  – Cologne, Germany, August 11-12

CELTIC THROWDOWN – Dublin, Ireland, August 25-26

ULTIMATE FIGHTING ARENA – Lyon, France, August 31 – September 2

STREET GRAND BATTLE – France, September 7-9



GAME OVER – Dominican Republic, April 28-29

THE FIGHT – Columbia, June 8-10

FIGHT IN RIO – Rio, Brazil, July 21-22

FURIA TICA 2018 – Costa Rica, August 11

LIMA SALTY – Peru, August 26-27

FIRST ATTACK – Puerto Rico, September 1-2

TRETA – Curitiba, Brazil, September

NEVER GIVE UP – Chile, September 22-23

FIGHTING FEST – Dominican Republic, September 29-30

THUNDERSTRUCK – Mexico, October 6-7

BUENOS AIRES TRUE SALT – Argentina, October 13-14

JAM FESTIVAL 2018 – Brazil, October 19-21


More information about other ways of earning points as we head towards this years Capcom Cup can be found here.

It was announced earlier this month that Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite would not be a part of the tour this year as the support for the game decreased by production and part of the FGC. Though it will not be a part of EVO or the pro tour, the game will likely be featured as a side tournament at these events.

More information about CPT will be posted as it becomes available.

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Chun Li Crossover Costume Starts This Week… Plus Upcoming Costumes And Ideas


sfv chun-li june crossover costume crop

Photo Credit: Shoryuken

The first piece for the third crossover costume for Street Fighter: Arcade Edition, June Lin Milliam of Star Gladiator for Chun-Li, begins this weekend.

The Ingrid costume for Karin is available for purchase and was released the same day as AE. Similar to those who achieved the Viewtiful Joe costume for Rashid, you will have to play extra battle to achieve each piece to get the costume for free. Remember you will have to enter these battles with the use of your fight money to participate.

More costumes will be added over the course of time including the Monster Hunter costumes for Ibuki, R. Mika, and Ken in the near future. An even trade for Ryu and Sakura being playable characters in MH.

Below are the dates for these upcoming costumes:

sfvae extra battle chun-li june crossover costume schedule

The crossover costumes are a good idea to bring back memories, or even inspire fans to play classic titles. With the collapse of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite and Disney buying FOX Studios a couple months ago, here are some other costumes that would be a good addition to AE.

Juri as X-23 

Image result for juriImage result for x 23

With similar styles including speed and striking ability, dressing Juri in the basic black or Wolverine colors with the mask would fit this character. A little twist the creators can incorporate into the critical art is instead of the slash with her kick, alter it with the claws of the costume. Same damage with a cooler look.

Abigail as Juggernaut


Image result for abigail juggernaut

Photo Credit: Eventhubs


What started as a mod became one of the most wanted costumes for the Final Fight boss. With Abigail getting shafted for having the least amount of costumes, this one will probably be the most used as it’s fitting for his V-Trigger II charge.

Dhalsim as Super Skrull

Image result for dhalsimImage result for super skrull

Besides having the Things ability to make a rock fist, the stretching ability measures up from both characters. It would be a twist to see the cool, calm, and collected yoga master be seen as a villain, which he already is to those who play online.

And last but not least…

Guile as John Cena

Image result for GuileImage result for john cena

Seems like a stretch but at the same time wouldn’t be the worse idea for the next guile costume. If they were to remake the street fighter movie, Cena instantly comes to mind as a potential casting for the Guile character. It’s no different from Zangief dressed as Macho Man in Season 2.

Besides… Nothing would be funnier than losing to a Guile player who beats you with a John Cena flash kick.

The Viewtiful Joe and Ingrid costumes are available now. For the Chun-Li and upcoming Monster Hunter costumes, set your reminders so you won’t miss out on earning more gear and to continue to add to Chun’s Forever 21 collection.

Side note: Ryu is also available now for Monster Hunter Players.

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Street Fighter V: Blanka Rolls Over Sakura In Reveal Trailer


Blanka SFV

Photo Credit: Shoryuken


The reveal for the second character in Season 3, Blanka, was just released and it shows what would come from the green, electrifying mutant.

In the trailer, we see him doing a lot of rolling and a few combo setups. His move set is the same which can make it easier to adapt to some of his new moves for those who play with him.

There are some things that aren’t shown but may be included in his skills such as holding his electricity in neutral or doing the roll without V-Trigger. Nonetheless, you can’t help but get the urge to play Sonic the Hedgehog after watching the reveal.

The costumes for him are not the best. The story costume, a plush version of the character, may have been thrown in there to pay homage to Yoshinori Ono who is known as the biggest Blanka fan.

Blanka will be released on Feb. 20, just a month after Sakura. This can mean that we will be seeing the likes of Falke, G, Cody, and Sagat sooner than expected.

UPDATE: Today is Blanka’s birthday, he turns 52.


MVCI Will Not Be In This Years Capcom Pro Tour… Can The MCU Restore Interest?

Image result for marvel vs capcom infinite

Photo Credit: Venture Beat

In only a week since the announcement of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite not being a part of this year’s EVO 2018 lineup, it has been announced that it will also not be included in the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour.


There’s been outrage from gaming fans that it’s not fair that Smash Bros has two titles in the EVO line up and Marvel had to take a backseat to a game that is not even released yet, Blazeblue: Cross Tag Battle.

Image result for black panther marvel

Photo Credit: Vox

The news comes just days before the release of the Black Panther film, who is also a character in the game. As more films including Avengers: Infinity War and the Miles Morales Spider-Man animated film, can the MCU bring that spark back to the game and boost sells once again?

The answer is maybe.

What makes a game exciting is not just the inclusion of characters, but fun costumes as well… that’s what keeps Injustice fresh. Adding movie costumes can help a little bit, but MVCI has been beaten to the point where it will need more characters, a new storyline, and graphics. If the creators were to take a Street Fighter route and do a major update along with a re-release it will help get some of the players they’ve lost back on board.

The question of whether there will be another battle for the stones tournament, due to the decrease of interest in the game since the release of Dragon Ball Fighter Z, is also in the air. Though the news of it being taken off two premier tournaments hurts fans, it comes as no shock.

More information about the future of MVCI will be posted as it becomes available.

Ninja Turtles Trailer Drops For Injustice 2… And It’s Exactly What Was Expected

Image result for ninja turtles injustice 2

Photo Credit: Bleeding Cool

Since their sneak peak during the Injustice 2 ELeague series, where fans were excited and confused at the same time, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight trailer was released yesterday.


What makes the turtles unique in the game is there team work ability in performing combos. The main question upon being introduced was how do you choose your turtle? little did we know, Leo, leader of the group, hinted at their play style when he said “We fight as a team, Mikey.” As you will see in the tweet below.

Back to the question at hand, choosing your turtle, you’ll be able to choose one of the four by using the gear menu to change your turtle and their skills. This is better than a drop menu as it could mean, hopefully, extra skins like Master Splinter, Shredder, movie skins, or even Venus, the first female turtle from TMNT: The next Mutation.

What makes the turtles qualified for a game that consist of DC characters? Unlike Hell Boy and the Mortal Kombat add-ons, the turtles have a closer relationship with DC Comics as they’re featured in a recent comic series along side Batman.

Nickelodeon owns the rights to the turtles but NetherRealm gave the audience the classic turtles from the 90s. These skateboard riding, pizza eating mutants in the trailer prove they can hang with the likes of Wonder Woman and Raiden.

The turtles will be available Feb. 13 for those who purchased the DLC Pack 3.

EVO Announcement Cements DBFZ Vs MVCI Debate With This Years Lineup

Photo Credit: Twitter

Yesterday in a live broadcast the EVOLUTION 2018 lineup was revealed and unfortunately for the Marvel fans, the latest edition of the series, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, will not be included for the first time.

Instead, the newly released Dragon Ball Fighter Z will take it’s place. It didn’t take long for the GIF warriors to react to the news.

The battle of Dragon Ball vs Marvel, which sold 900,000 copies, began before the game was released last month, selling over two million copies to date. Although some enjoyed playing MVCI, others complained about the lack of balance and poor graphics. It is believed that the game didn’t achieve expectations because of its low budget and not having X-MEN characters in the game.

For the game to not be featured and instantly swapped for a new title happens often in big tournaments. In this case, the argument of “Is Marvel dead?” is somewhat answered since EVO scrapped it from the lineup. MVCI now joins the list of games that parted ways with the tournament including Mortal Kombat and Pokken, while some games including ARMS and Soul Calibur are waiting to be featured.

MVCI may not be on the main stage this year but will still be played in locals and other events throughout the year. The game is not dead in the FGC but creators need to beef up the game to capture their audience’s interest once again. but on the bright side, Mega Man will still see some action in Smash 4.

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PUNK Vs ROBTV: Who Really Won The Money Match?

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.17.01 AM.png

Photo Credit: Twitch/WPGO

On Saturday during the MatchStick Melee tournament, Panda Global’s Victor “PUNK” Woodley played a first to seven in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition against the up and coming, newly signed Hazardous player, Robert “RobTV” Burney Jr.


What was initiated to be good competition became a match where each player had something to prove. Following their back and forth on Twitter, most of the FGC put their thoughts on the situation for Punk to run the match but he only agreed to it if it was a money match for $100.

Punk stayed with Chun-Li during the set as RobTV started with Guile and then switched to Karin as he was down 4-1. With some dropped setups and feeling pressure as the set was coming to a close, Punk beat RobTV 7-1.

Much of the match wasn’t focused on SFV, but on what was being said during and after the match with Rob saying good games and that he will see him, meaning they will meet again soon. Punk’s reply was straightforward:

“Don’t ever call me out again… Know your place in this world,” Punk said three times before walking off screen.

So who really won that match? In reality, the FGC won the matchup between the two because it may have been a small rivalry between the two but reminded everyone that the hunger to become better is in everyone who picks up a fight stick or pad.

Punk won the money, but RobTV now has more eyes on him as he prepares to possibly meet Punk again in the near future. There hasn’t been a rivalry like this since K-Brad and WolfKrone last year. It’s no doubt the FGC will be waiting to see what will happen when the two collide again.

Watch the replay of the match at