ELEAGUE Becomes Laughing Stock And Two New Names Added To SFV Redbull Conquest Finals

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It’s been a busy weekend in the world of Street Fighter V, but nothing compares to the backlash ELEAGUE received for taking a commercial break in the middle of a reset between RISE Smug and Echo Fox Tokido on Friday.

Smug fought his way through some of the toughest competition including Punk and Daigo. After winning three games to send Tokido to losers, ELEAGUE took a five-minute break, which many have argued was enough time for Smug to lose his momentum.

The FGC community didn’t waste time to express their views on the situation.

It is still believed that the outcome would’ve been different if the break didn’t happen, but, nonetheless, Tokido is this year’s ELEAGUE champion. However, that didn’t stop people from making jokes about it during the Redbull Conquest Tourneys in St. Paul, MN and Dallas, TX.

Photo Credit: Twitter

During the grand finals between up and coming competitor JustAKid and Mo-Joe, the Twitch chat kept making references to the ELEAGUE fiasco begging the channel to not take a commercial break.

In the end, Mo-Joe managed to put an end to JustAKid’s comeback, securing his spot in the finals along with Toi who won in Dallas.

Below is the list of remaining stops for Redbull including the finals in Washington, D.C.

  • Denver – July 28
  • Orlando – August 11
  • Online qualifier – August 12
  • San Francisco – August 18
  • Phoenix – August 18
  • Atlanta – September 8
  • Boston – September 29
  • Philadelphia – October 13
  • Washington DC – November 16-18/ FINALS

With the backlash surrounding the commercial break, do you thing ELEAGUE with stop doing breaks during the finals next year? Comment your thoughts on the situation.

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Season 4 SFVAE Character Rumors… Clues To Who May Be Next

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Photo Credit: Vidaextra

With only two characters left until the end of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Season 3, the rumor mill is already spinning as to who will be included in Season 4.


A Reddit user by the name of DasVergeben, who also made a list of characters rumored during Season 2, released the list a couple of days ago.

According to Shoryuken.com, C. Viper, Necro, Q, Sodom, and four other characters are rumored to be included in Season 4 with two of them being new characters.

If true, this will be the first time there will be eight characters released instead of six. YouTuber and fighting game player VesperArcade mentions in his video that some of these characters are said to be available for free.

Who May Be Featured In Season 4

After years of playing the game, names of who will be and want to be included have been thrown around by fans. Though Q has been mentioned quite a bit, the only thing is that rumor is countered by the idea that Season 3 character G is Q.

Other names including E Honda, T Hawk, and Dan were also mentioned in the rumor mill. With resurfacing gameplays from these characters popping up via YouTube, there is a chance Capcom maybe checking these videos to see who they may include. Blanka’s name was thrown around before Season 3 and here we are.

If we haven’t learned anything yet about the game, is that the game itself gives out clues as to who would be the next DLC to be included in the game.

Past Clues To Seasons 1-3, And Possibly 4

Some of these we really had to read between the lines but made sense in the end. Others were right in front of our faces and didn’t even know it.


Image result for sfv city in chaos

While his car was, and still is, broken down, Alex takes time out of working on his ride to watch the action in the background of City in Chaos.


Image result for sfv lair of the four kingsIn the layer of the four kings stage, you see Balrog’s face carved out along Fang, Vega, and M. Bison. He was literally staring us in the face.


Image result for menat eds story

After making an appearance in Ed’s story, it was a matter of time before we saw her in the game. She is now one of the highest tiered characters this season.

Possible Season 4 characters

Image result for menat story

These characters come from the story modes of Menat, Cody, and Ed. Mentions of Guy, silhouettes of Rose, and the other two characters in Ed’s group are seen as hints. The Phantom is also said to be a possibility.

If we are paying attention to the stories and backgrounds more, what about Feilong’s picture on the bus or even Cody’s assistant?

There’s a load of time before we get that release of who will be included. For the last two characters of Season 3, however, It’s safe to say the trailer of G will be at next month’s EVO and Sagat will be during Capcom cup in December.

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EVO Japan, Skull Girls, And Cosplayer Harassment… And What You’ve Missed This Weekend

So much information within the FGC and the cosplayer community was poured online over the weekend that some may have missed what was happening. Let’s get you caught up with the news that happened over the past three days.

EVO Japan 2019 Announced

evo japan white basic

For couples, you may want to push that special Valentines Day trip back one day as the popular gaming tournament will come to Fukuoka February 15-17. According to Shoryuken.com, more information about the event will be given at next months EVO tournament in Las Vegas, NV.

Oh, by the way, if you’re planning on going to next month’s EVO, you now have two weeks to register for the event. Head to Smash.gg to sign up.

Skull Girls Make Their Way To The Nintendo Switch

It was announced at this past weekend’s Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA, that ‘Skull Girls: 2nd Encore’ will be making it’s way to the Nintendo Switch. The game doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it will be available for physical sale and digital download.

The game will include all the characters as well as new additions. The proper guess is it will be released before Smash Bros Ultimate to help sales.

Cosplayer Losses Sponsorships Following Sexual Harassment Claims

Image result for MomokunAccording to the YouTube show Button Check, Momokun, whose real name is Mariah Mallad, recently lost most of her sponsorships due to sexual harassment claims from fans and fellow cosplayers.

This started after a tweet from Creators Guild announcing she was to be working with them again at the Anime Expo 2018 and have a booth set up for a meet and greet. One fan posted underneath sparking the claims she sexually assaults people at conventions.

Since then, multiple videos and tweets surfaced of her touching a male fan’s butt and tickling other cosplayers who seemed confused about her actions. Other cosplayers came forth with accusations as well.

She was also recorded blaming her harassment on her ADHD. All of the information can be seen in the latest episode of Button Check below.


What are your thoughts on this weekend’s gaming and cosplay news? Let us know in the comments below.

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Talim Is The Latest Addition To The Upcoming Soul Caliber VI Roster

Image result for soul calibur 6

Photo Credit: VG247

Since the beginning of the year, fans of the series have been receiving character reveal trailers for the upcoming Soul Caliber VI. Today, Bandai Namco announced that Talim, princess of the winds, will be making her return to the game.

She first appeared in SCII in 2002, but this will be her first appearance in the series since Soul Caliber IV in 2008. After ten years, she is ready to show gamers that not only she hasn’t missed a step with her wind style skills, but gain some new moves as well.

Growing up in the village of the Wind Deity, at the age of 15, she set out to locate the source of evil energy, the same energy she felt for years. After discovering that the energy was in broken pieces of the sword known as the Soul Edge, she continued her journey in search of the other pieces alone in Soul Caliber IV.

Hopefully, in the upcoming title, we’ll find out if she managed to retrieve all the pieces of the Soul Edge and rid the evil she’s been feeling for over 15 years.

The game is scheduled to be released on October 19th. Check out her gameplay trailer below.


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Cody Brings Gifts With Update Including Costumes And Bug Fixes

Image result for sfv cody

The wait is over and the new mayor has taken his office earlier than expected. One the of the most anticipated characters of Street Fighter V’s Season 3, Cody, was released one day yesterday and the update came with more than just a new character and colors.

There are new changes to survival mode which includes a random mode and unlocking new abilities that you can use during battle. Players can now quit survival mode and save their progress so they won’t feel glued to the mode while having a good streak.

Image result for sfv dmc

Ken as Dante in DMC costume (Photo Credit: The Fighters Generation) 

New ‘Devil May Cry’ costumes are also available for Ken, Ed, and Laura and the cannon spike costume for Cammy is available through the fighting chance mode. In addition to the costumes, the long-awaited CPT stage dedicated to the dictator, M. Bison, is also out.

There are bug fixes to characters including Falke, Akuma, and R. Mika. For the complete list of additions and fixes, click here.

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New Day Vs. Elite: SFV Brings Us Closer To A Brand Cross

Image result for new day vs elite

Photo Credit: Uproxx

It’s no secret that the feud between WWE’s Xavier Woods, AKA Austin Creed on UpUpDownDown, and New Japan’s Kenny Omega in Street Fighter V Was heating up over the last three years. That feud came to a close at this past week’s E3 Convention.

Both coming in with one win apiece, the wrestlers came in with their teammates from their brand; Big E, and Kofi Kingston, and the Young Bucks Matt and Nick, to help settle the score. Though the New Day emerged victoriously, Omega stated that this was Wood’s attempt to dodge him in a 1v1 battle. Prompting a first to five game between the two.

The two agreed that instead of playing for each other’s belts, because New Day aren’t champions, they played with the losing team eating a habanero pepper, the third hottest pepper according to metalfloss.com.

After a close back and forth, Omega beats Woods with the upcoming season three character, Cody. The heat between the two was taken to the next level as Woods ate his teammate’s peppers, accepting fault for losing, and Omega eating one as the crowd began cheering for Woods. With Woods asking for the bathroom and Omega turning red and asking for milk, the two teams hugged it out and put an end to the rivalry, for now.

Image result for cody vs ibuki e3

Mayor Cody Travers 

Post-match, they both talked about how this was phase one of possibly uniting both brands and giving the people what they want. “News flash, we don’t hate each other. In fact, what we want to do is work together to give you guys the best entertainment package you have ever seen,” Omega said. He goes on to say that he hopes he does run into them again, which can be a potential door opening for a cross-brand match down the road.

If you follow wrestling, fans for the past two years were hoping to see Omega and the Bucks appear in WWE, possibly in a Royal Rumble. That may be on hold following the Bullet Club’s invasion of Monday Night Raw last year that upset WWE Chairman Vince Mcmahon.

View the entire match below courtesy of YouTube.


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Smash Bros Ultimate Announcement: The Good And Bad Of The Gameplay Reveal

Image result for smash bros ultimate

Photo Credit: The Verge

During the E3 Nintendo Direct announcement yesterday, the answers to some of the questions about the new Super Smash Bros title for the Switch was revealed. This included characters, Gamecube pad inclusion, and returning stages.

We now know that every character from previous titles will be making a return whether they were DLC or regular characters. Snake, Ice Climbers, and Wolf (Star Fox series) are some of the characters who are making a return post Melee and Brawl ten years ago.

With all of the news involving the new game, not all good came from the announcement. Let’s look at the good and bad sides of the E3 Nintendo Direct for SSBU.


All stages will now include a battlefield mode

This might be the go-to in tournaments involving the game. We didn’t see stages like Smashville, but we did see Final Destination during Sonic’s final smash attack. whether they’re multi-platform or a plain stage, each will be optioned to include three platforms similar to the battlefield stage in the Wii U version and all will be the same size.

New Animations and Abilities 

Some characters now have enhanced features in their looks and new attacks. Wii Fit Trainer has better facial features compared to his/her last appearance. Characters like Palutena and Marth have better counter attacks and input speeds, meaning they won’t lag as much when switching attacks. Characters like Villager, ROB, and Cloud have indicators that show the player how much limit they’ve reached or what powers they pocketed.

Improved Final Smash Attacks

In previous games, for those who used the smash ball, attacks for some characters were hard to control. The game has fixed that for characters like Sonic and Pikachu with supersonic being a fast, full-screen attack, and Pikachu’s final smash more of a bouncy electric attack.


Characters Get The Trophy Treatment

Image result for smash bros waluigi

There were some characters who still didn’t make the cut as being playable in ultimate. Waluigi, Bomberman, some of the new Poke’mon are still not playable.

It also looks like the possibility of them joining the roster is slim as it was mentioned in the E3 Direct with every character returning, the involvement of new fighters will be minimal. However, we did get Daisy, Inklings, and Ridley as new fighters.

No Mention Of The Fight Stick

Image result for nintendo switch fightstick

This one flew under the radar, but the swtich has a fight stick for games including Smash Bros. and the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary, but that wasn’t pushed during the trailer. This, besides the Gamecube pad, would’ve been a good thing to mention as it would make the game look even more attractive to those in the FGC.

Release Date

Smash Bros. usually comes out around the holidays and the game is still in development. This year, the game will be released closer to Christmas with the date of December 7, just a couple weeks later from its last release of November in 2014. It seems like a long time away but if you look at the calendar, we’re practically half way there.

If you missed the Nintendo Direct featuring Smash Bros and other games coming to the console/portable, check it out below.

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Dead Or Alive 6 Announced During E3 With Gameplay Trailer

The 3D fighting game franchise will make its return as Dead or Alive 6 was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

The trailer shows the game, in graphics, looks to be evolving with more visible wounds and neat stage assist that allows for follow up combos. The game takes more advantage of the slow-motion impacts on hit making the fighting more intense.

So far, Zack, Helena, and Kasumi are some of the returning characters from the previous games with the inclusion of some new characters.

There was some speculation that the franchise died with last years shut down of the 5th installments servers and Team Ninja saying they were leaving the series to work on other projects. The competition of Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Dragonball Fighter Z, and pretty much all of the Smash Bros. titles was also mentioned to play a part in the absence of DOA in FGC events.

The game is in early developments and is set to be released early 2019. Stay tuned to WPE for more information about the new DOA6 as more information about the game becomes available.

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SFVAE: Do You Know Cody? Get To Know The Returning Season 3 Character

Photo Credit: Twitter

Cody is now a free man and the new mayor of Metro City. Now sporting casual clothes, instead of the blue and white striped prison jumpsuit, he is ready to bring the fight once again in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Before his release, later this month, get to know about Cody Travers and how he went from a street protagonist to prisoner, and now mayor.

Final Fight Story Line

Image result for cody final fight

Photo Credit: YouTube

Along with the original mayor, Haggar, and Guy, he teams up with them to rescue his girlfriend, and Haggar’s daughter, Jessica, who was kidnapped by the Mad Gear Gang. Later in the series in Final Fight Revenge, we find out the reason he was imprisoned was that he was framed for the death of Jessica and Haggar wanted to punish him to the fullest extent.

Featured In Multiple Street Fighter Games

Image result for street fighter alpha 2 guys stage

Photo Credit: Street Fighter Alpha 2

Besides being a playable character in Street Fighter IV and Alpha 3, he also made some cameos in Alpha 2, featured above, and Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter. He also joins the fight in Street Fighter X Tekken with his rocks and knife.

Cody’s Ties To His Past

In the recent trailer for his SFV debut, he still carries his knife and the pipe from previous games. A lot of his Final Fight move set brings the nostalgia aspect to the game.

Now that he is a free man, he receives a sweet, yet bitter good luck letter from Haggar. In the letter, he passes on the torch of mayor while he’s somewhere in Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite.

How Will He Fit In In Arcade Edition?

Cody is bringing some old moves as well as some new ones including the tornado projectile. Unlike Falke, he looks more comfortable to play with which can mean he may have better mixup opportunities. He may become the most played character from the third season roster next to Sakura.

To get an idea of how Cody will pay upon his release on June 26, tune in for the Winner Stays On (WSO) showcase Thursday, June 7, to see him in action.


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UYU NL Wins, Cody Reveal, And A Walk Out On DBFZ… Highlights From Combo Breaker 2018

Image result for combo breaker 2018

Photo Credit: Eric Tran

In what was considered the most stacked event so far this year, Combo Breaker didn’t disappoint to bring upsets and new victors in observance of their slogan “No kings, no coasts.” The slogan means that there was never a two time champion in this tournament.

With so much gaming happening over the weekend, there were three highlights that took over social media that defined the overall experience from start to finish.

NL Wins Street Fighter, First Cammy Of The Year


Photo Credit: WePlayesports

Each Street Fighter pool was stacked with heavy hitters from Ricki Ortiz to Nemo as more than 600 participants registered for their chance to become the CB18 champion. Although Ibuki player Xian marveled the crowd with a comeback over Infiltration to make it to Grand Finals, Cammy proved to be too much for him making NL the SFV: Arcade Edition champ.

Cody Is Back!!!

Image result for cody sfv

Photo Credit: DuelShockers

Immediately following the award ceremony for Street Fighter, the attendees were treated to the gameplay reveal of the returning character, Cody.

Fresh from prison and now mayor of Metro City, he now sports business attire and brings back his knife, rocks, and Haggar’s old pipe. What made the trailer more exciting was him fighting fellow Final Fight members Zeku and Abigail.

Besides Infiltration, there was one other pro player who was just as excited to see his original main make his return.

The excitement quickly faded when his release date was revealed to be June 26. If you weren’t able to witness the excitement of the reveal at Combo Breaker? Check it out below.

People Walk Out On DBFZ 

After the Cody reveal was the Dragonball FighterZ Top 8 tournament. The game, which was projected to be the biggest game of the tournament season, didn’t keep the magic at Combo Breaker as the venue became practically empty.

Echo Fox’s Punk jokingly recorded via Twitter crowd reaction about their thoughts on the game.

The game’s tournament did hype up the crowd during the weekend as seen in the photo posted on Twitter.

Punk’s teammate, however, SonicFox did win the DBFZ tournament after placing third in Injustice 2.

For full results from all the tournaments at this year’s Combo Breaker click here. The next major tournament will be Dreamhack Austin on June 1st.

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