Mena RD Resets His Way To Becoming Capcom Cup Champion


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After being sent to losers by Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, it seemed like it was the end of Saul “Mena RD” Segundo’s fight to the top as he had to face Nemoto “Nemo” Naoki who was a threat after winning the last chance qualifier. Mena shocked the crowd by defeating Nemo setting up the rematch against Tokido. Except this outcome brought everyone out of their seats.


After nearly losing with a 2-0 lead by Tokido, Mena managed to fight back three games to reset the bracket and defeat the EVO 2017 champion to become this year’s Capcom Cup champion.

Mena, who is known for his pop-offs, only jumped out of his seat once following the reset. However, following his last victory, the camera pointed towards him and you can see him utter the words “Oh my God” under his breathe before he was greeted with excitement by his friends.

He had no words and even forgot to walk to the front of the stage to receive his trophy. The journey was an exhausting one, but that didn’t stop him from celebrating.

It was a good night for the RISE team. Fellow teammate Bryant “SMUG” Higgins shared the moment via Twitter.

With Du “NuckleDu” Dang dropping out of the tournament just a week before, it’s impossible to not think what the outcome would’ve been like if he stayed in to defend his title from last year. It’s a thought that will now be thrown into the “What if” pile.

Now with the $250,000, a custom character of his choosing, and the title as top Street Fighter player of the year, he will be the target for the 2018 hopefuls who are already setting their sites to becoming the next champion.

Revisit his grand finals match against Tokido below. Congratulations to the 2017 Capcom Cup champion… Mena RD.



Capcom Cup Ends With A Bang With Character Reveal Trailers

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After a weekend of upsets and amazing comebacks, Capcom Cup 2017 wasn’t done until news of upcoming content was reveal.


There was speculation as to who would be included in the season 3 update and the Arcade Edition but fans were screaming and jumping out of their seats as the reveals played following the award ceremony.

The reveal of Sakura was expected after people noticed the colors of the confetti at the Red Bull Proving Grounds finale. Her look is similar to her nostalgia costume except she now wears a headset. According to the Street Fighter Twitter page, she is now out of high school and works at an arcade all the while still practicing her craft.

Another noticeable part of her trailer is how we are taken back to classic Street Fighter with the plane traveling from stage to stage. It may not be that big a deal to some but it adds to the quality of how the AE wants us to revisit previous games.

Sakura’s trailer was fun, but then came the intro video for the AE. Unlike season 2, we didn’t have to wait for the reveal of each individual character. We got the first glimpse of the other five DLCs.

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Blanka is seen running with Sakura in the forest before landing in the city where Menat gave us our first look at “G” who looks like an aggressive Abraham Lincoln. Falke, who appears to be close to Ed, was shown and sports the same hairstyle. But the two characters that had the crowd going bonkers is the return of Cody and Sagat, whom fans had an idea following the release of the Thailand stage in season 2.


With each new character coming into the game with new v-triggers it will make players work harder to find out how to fight their opponents. At this point, the wait for the gameplay of the other characters will keep that excitement for the title in 2018.

The Arcade Edition will be available Jan. 16. For those who own the previous version, expect an update for your game around the same time.


Two Characters That Should Be The First DLCs In The Upcoming Dragon Ball Fighter Z


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Dragon Ball Fighter Z is one of the most anticipated games in the fighting game community. Over the weekend, Kid Buu was introduced as another addition to the fighting game.


It’s cool to have so many characters to choose from, but there are two who would add to the fast-paced madness that is Dragon Ball. Below are, who should be considered, top choices to add to the game.

Broly/ Female Broly

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Born with a power level of 10,000, this strong, yet rare appearance-making, character is one force to be wrecked with. Even after turning Super Saiyan, he maintains his speed following a growth in mass.

Image result for female broly dbzThe female version of the character was introduced during Dragon Ball Super where her fight against Goku went from lackluster to a beat down as Broly slammed him like Hulk did to Loki in the Avengers.

Either addition of this character, along with the ability to transform into Legendary Saiyan, will be fun to play.


Goku Black

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Also known as Zamasu, he’s another character in DBS that made his appearance felt as the antagonist in the “Future Trunks Saga.” He stole Goku’s body and wanted to destroy all mortals.

If he was put into the game, his speed would be a problem for those who played against him. If it’s anything like Super, those who plan on including Trunks in their main team may have to practice for that match-up.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z will hit stores Jan. 26, 2018. This leaves plenty of time to find out who else the creators of the game will include at the last minute.


Capcom Cup Guaranteed A New Champion With NuckleDu Dropping Out


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Twitter and the FGC were shocked following the announcement that Du “NuckleDu” Dang opted to not attend Capcom Cup this year. In his place, runner-up Ricki Ortiz will take his spot in the upcoming Street Fighter tournament according to a post on Twitter from Capcom.


Reasons behind his decision to drop out of the competition are unknown. Some believe that it’s for personal reasons, but he received support for his decision from his sponsor, Team Liquid, and others who were looking forward to seeing if he can become the first two-time champion.

The trade between Ortiz, who hasn’t competed for much of the year, to Du taking time off will make Capcom Cup more interesting to watch as the new favorite to win is Ortiz.

This is a huge opportunity not just for Ortiz, but it’s a chance to prove that women are just as good to place higher, if not win in big competitions.

Capcom Cup will take place in Anaheim, CA Dec. 8-10.


Review: Competing in America’s Biggest Fighting Game Tournament: EVO 2017


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After watching the 20 minute documentary following two of the best players in the FGC, Dominique “Sonic Fox” McLean and Victor “PG Punk” Woodley, there is one idea gamers will walk away with… It’s okay to lose.

The film followed these two players through this years EVO 2017 competition where each person had something to gain, as well as something to lose. For Sonic Fox, it was his Injustice streak and for Punk it was becoming the first American to win the competition in Street Fighter.

Through the film, just like most players, you began to see the nerves shake them as they climb the bracket. Though both suffered a loss that some would say can impact their careers, the underlining story is that these guys will bounce back and be better than before.

The takeaway is the when Sonic Fox said “It’s always good to lose. It makes you learn what you have to do better next time.” Some gamers take a loss to heart and become discouraged competing in the FGC. But there are more factors to that loss.

Maybe there wasn’t enough practice time, or people neglect training mode and go straight to the bullpen and get bodied. The film may follow these two pros, but it is a good reflection for players who want to be the next Punk or Fox.

If you haven’t seen this year’s EVO results, don’t worry there will be no spoilers here. but whether you want to improve your game or want to get started in the fighting game community, watch the documentary below.


Best Moments At This Past Weekend’s RedBull Battle Grounds

This past weekend’s RedBull Battle Grounds/Capcom Cup last chance qualifier, there were some upsets and new additions that involved the upcoming arcade edition.

This made the event one that you can revisit and still feel as if you’re watching it live.

Up and coming pro players including Derek “iDom” Ruffin and Marcus “The Cool kid 93′ Redmond along with his wife Joy Goodwin stole the show as they set off to prove they had what it takes to make it to Capcom Cup.

There is never a dull moment when it comes to these tournaments. Below are the best moments of the event.

Cool Kid Remains Humble

Image result for cool kid 93 crying after win sfvAfter beating Wolfkrone with the big guy Abigail to become the Proving Grounds champion, Cool Kid gave a tearful heartfelt speech thanking his wife and those who supported him to get to that moment.

Throughout the tournament, you can hear his wife supporting him from the crowd. In their promo video, Joy also began to tear up during her interview as she expressed how proud she is of him and even hinted at one day getting into the game herself. Although he was knocked out of the top 8 by 801 Strider’s Laura, the crowd continued to acknowledge Cool Kid as someone who will continue to win the hearts of fans in esports.

Idom Wants Punk

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Sporting his afro and Addidas shirt, iDom’s goal of the day was to beat Victor “Punk” Woodley as he said in his video that’s who he was training to beat. He ran through the other competitors in brackets including Bryant “SMUG” Huggins to meet Punk in the Grand Finals.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to accomplish his goal but finished in second place.

Snack Time For Smug

Image result for smug rbbgDuring his match with 801 Strider, he stops the game between the set to indulge in sun chips and water. As he wiped his mouth of the crums, Strider’s reaction was enjoyable to watch as he seemed to be annoyed but knows Smug is known for his antics.

Smug, with the power of the sun… chips, he manages to knock off Strider and finish in third place before being eliminated by iDom.

Rumors of the Next DLC

Image result for sakura sfvAs the confetti filled the room following Punk’s win, the fans were shown the new V-Triggers for the characters. The hint of Sakura is said to be the meaning around the cherry blossoms that filled the air. Sakura is translated to cherry blossom which some may think she will be the next DLC following the arcade edition. It’s not confirmed yet of her addition to the roster, but we’re still wondering what’s the deal with this online poll.

For more moments from the top 8, watch the video below:

Two Top Tournaments Bring New Content To The FGC

Image result for tekken world tourThis past weekend featured two tournament finales that have been in the works since the beginning of the year, the Tekken World Tour and the E-League Injustice 2 tournament.

Although there were some crazy matchups that came from these two tourneys, they weren’t the most talked about moments. The DLCs that are coming to these games surprised fans as they weren’t expected to make a cross appearance, not since Rash in Killer Instinct. Below are the upcoming DLC for Tekken and for Injustice 2.

Enchantress (Injustice 2)

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Photo Credit: WePlayEsports

It was mentioned earlier that the Atom had a spot on the roster, but fans were curious as to who the other two characters for the DLC Pack 3 were going to be.

In the cinematic trailer, we got that confirmation as June Moone, moon necklace and all, walks by the scene where Raiden and Black Manta apparently got their butts kicked by Atom. She became enraged and began to turn into Enchantress who now looks to have a dislike for the Atom.

About Enchantress

The mystical character was discovered by Moone during an exploration in Peru. After being called to by a container in the Tres Osos Caves, the spirit was released and it possessed Moone and lives within her.

She was recruited to the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller, she hoped to learn to control her newfound power, but the struggle of keeping the witch from fully controlling her keeps Moone from being the hero she wants to be.

Enchantress put an end to the rumors that it was another Mortal Kombat character being added to the game. However, no one saw the last fighter(s) to Injustice 2 being added.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Injustice 2)


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Remember when the game was released and the debate over HellBoy and Spawn being added would make the game more interesting. Who would have thought that NetherRealm would go outside the box and include the Ninja Turtles as their final character(s) for the DLC 3 Pack?


What makes it more interesting about the choice is the nostalgia. These are not the turtles from the latest movies, but the 90s turtles as we see Ralph walk down the alley in the hat in trenchcoat.

Since all four turtles will be featured, the question of how will they be chosen may happen through skins or a new drop down menu, which can make it easier for character change. As far as gear, there are so many possibilities that can be included like the samurai gear from the third 90s film, the Shredder skin, or if you want to really go out of the box, add Venus to the mix. The fifth turtle for those who don’t remember her.

No word yet on when this pack will arrive, but early access to the Atom has been mentioned to be released this week.

Noctis (Tekken 7)

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Just in case the last Final Fantasy game and the inclusion of Cloud in Smash Bros. wasn’t enough, Noctis from Final Fantasy XV will be the next DLC coming to Tekken 7 in the Spring.

The announcement of his feature came during the TWT tournament and the stage that comes with the new character will have some more characters from the FF franchise make an appearance to add to the excitement.

Not much is known about the character outside of the FFVX story, but that mystery is what will make him a dangerous character in the King of Iron First Tournament.

What Does These Characters Mean For The FGC?

With these characters coming to these popular games it can only mean one thing, the creators are listening.

From Abigail, to Black Panther and others in all fighting games, the element of surprise adds excitement to these games which fuels the players desire to pick up their fight stick again.

This is not the end of surprises when it comes to DLCs for fighting games. With Dragon Ball Fighter Z, the arcade edition of Street Fighter V, and more content coming to Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, fans may want to keep the life alert handy as more shocking surprises will be heading their way as we approach 2018.


Why We May Not See These Games Played In Major Tournaments

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When you hear about fighting game tournaments one would think of games like Super Smash Bros, Killer Instinct, and Injustice. However, there are other fighting games that either had the same promise and failed or lost its hype after a few of weeks of release.

These games may be fun to play with a friend or when you’re bored but won’t make it to the big stages anytime soon. Below is a list of games that will continue to collect dust before it’s resurrected as a game worthy of the competitive scene.

Dead or Alive 5

Image result for doa 5The free game comes with four free characters to play with, the rest you have to buy the full version. It’s worth the free version because not too many players are invested in the game to buy the additional characters or extras.

Tekken 7’s popularity prevented any chance of this game succeeding as a competitive game. Another problem with the game was it was released a year earlier before Street Fighter V. There was no hype to it, it was a ghost game that popped up out of nowhere.


PlayStation All-Stars

Image result for playstation allstars battle royale 2PlayStation’s attempt at their own version of Smash Bros seemed like a good idea at the time as they looked at the success of their competitor. It is possible that while in developed, it hit the producers that PlayStation didn’t have enough iconic characters to pull it off.

To make it worse, the game neglected to include their signature characters Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon who help mold the brand. Come on, Parappa the Rapper in a fighting game?   

Mortal Kombat X

The hype behind this game lasted almost a year when they mentioned the inclusion Jason Voorhees, but after a couple months, the game’s momentum began to fade. Nether Realm tried to save the game’s reputation by including Alien, Leatherface, and Predator to the roster along with the nostalgic character Goro, but the game’s popularity was gone and is no longer featured at EVO.  

Street Fighter X Tekken

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Both games who do well on their own platforms but couldn’t make it work when they came together in what can be called another Mortal Kombat Vs. DC. Again, a game with potential that resulted in a weird playstyle that is basically another Street Fighter IV.

While other titles from both of these titles still sell as high as $60-$80, this title can be found at GameStop for less than $20.  


Image result for pokken

Though the first title was featured in EVO 2016, it has since been eliminated from their lineup at this year’s event.

The idea of creating a Pokemon fighting game in a 3D Tekken style game would have been better if the creators actually featured more of the fighting or ground characters in the game such as Hitmon chan, lee, and top. There are still small tourneys that feature the game, but the prize pool is not as much as it once was.

Looking towards the future there will be more fighting that will emerge, including Dragonball FIghter Z, that will continue to eliminate current games from competitions including EVO and ELeague.  This is not necessarily a bad thing as it keeps the competition fresh and shows how much esports FGC gaming is evolving with the times.  

HellBoy Trailer Review: Reviving A Game With Basic Gameplay


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The hype behind Injustice 2 started to fizzle after the inclusion of two Mortal Kombat characters, Sub-Zero and Raiden and has recently received some rise thanks to the ELeague tournament on TBS.

Over the weekend, fans of the game were finally treated to the trailer of the third character of the second DLC pack, HellBoy.

In the opening dialogue against Atrocitus, it’s almost as if we’re seeing Ron Perlman again as he loads his gun and does his signature point. Though his skill set isn’t as thrilling, he still has what it takes to raise hell, no pun intended.

Attacks and Defense

HellBoy’s fist acts like a shield, repelling zone attacks and plays a big role in the amount of damage given to the opponent. His circle activation brings out the demon horns, making him invincible to attacks. This is something we haven’t seen since Doomsday in the first Injustice

Along with his strength and his revolver, he can be used either as a zoning character or a power character. It’s like handing Bane one of Deadshot’s guns to do battle.

Outside of the comics and films, there isn’t much that he can do as far as fighting, but this would’ve been a good opportunity to get more creative with his skills. Something like him choking his opponent with his tail. Maybe patches down the road will add to his potential.

Special Move

It only makes sense that he drags his opponents to hell. Upon activation, he opens up the ground and pounds the opponent to hell and as the finale, he grabs an ax, jumps and hits them with it.

It may sound greedy to want more from a guest character, but the special is basic for someone of his caliber. For example, if Spawn was featured instead, we all can see him using his cape in a way to destroy his opponent. Here, HellBoy could’ve had assistance from Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman to end the trailer, but maybe they didn’t want to overshadow his feature.

All-in-all, still nice to get someone who isn’t from MK in the game. Now that HellBoy and an early release of the Atom are revealed, there are two DLC characters remaining and there are no clues as to who they may be. Only time will tell. 

HellBoy is available for download November 3. Check out the trailer below.  

Nintendo’s Update Can Be The Start Of Big News To Come

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In the latest 4.0 update for the console/handheld, new features including video recording, and a new discount section on the Nintendo eshop, have been added to make the game play better for its existing titles.

The news, however, wasn’t about the features but the hardware that fans were wondering about since its release. You can now use the Nintendo GameCube controller on the Switch.

To make this work, it literally functions like the megazord of consoles as to use a GameCube pad, you will need a Wii U adapter to plug into the USB ports located on the inside of the Switch’s dock. You’ll literally be connecting three different generations, 13 years, of Nintendo.

With this update, this hopefully means that Smash Bros. news may be available soon as it’s one of few titles, including Mario Kart, that helped keep the controller from extinction.

With the hardware the Switch carries, along with the use of the GBC,  can add to the next SSB title with better graphics and carry more space for DLCs.

You can use the GameCube controller on Switch titles include Legend of Zelda: BOTW, ARMS, and Street Fighter. No word on if it will be compatible for Super Mario Odyssey, but this is big news for the company as it literally just tossed it’s hat, no pun intended, back into new gen competitive play.