ELEAGUE The Challenger: Recap Before Tonights Episode


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In case you haven’t heard of it or watched yet, ELEAGUE The Challenger is a reality show where Street Fighter V players compete for a slot in this year invitational. With four players now eliminated,  we’re getting closer to finding out who will be in this year’s tournament.


To get you caught up on what’s happened this season, here’s a recap of some of the eliminations and challenges we’ve seen so far.

LTG Is First One Out

In the premiere episode, JB won the first challenge of playing Street Fighter one in the mirror with the fastest time. He then sends RobTV to the elimination match and he chooses to fight Low Tier God with the surprise of him using Guile instead of Karin. Rob eliminates LTG 5-1.

Sherry Jenix Eliminated Week 2

During the show, Sherry was worried about being put in elimination but her time came when JB chose to fight her over a ready, pumped up Dayasha. During her match against JB, the nerves sat in as she missed DP’s (direct punishes) and other punishable opportunities which led to her elimination also losing 5-1.

EP 3: Celebrity Guest Fills The Void


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This challenge was a 3V3 match where Team Gllty went against the team led by celebrity guest Lupe Fiasco, who won the celebrity invitational last year. The most notable match was Lupe vs Dayasha who began his friendly trash talk against the rapper. He did not disappoint beating Lupe’s Ken in their part of the team match. This week, however, he was eliminated by Gllty.

RobTV Joins The Eliminated

All collusion from Episode 2 aside, this week it’s Gllty vs RobTV in eliminations. Gllty and Rob had an exchange of some words including Rob telling her “I would love to come down here and watch you hang your jersey up” and calling her Menat weak. But in the end, RobTV was eliminated.

So far, Commander Jessie has been surviving each week as he falls into the background and hardly says anything. JB has been the ringmaster of the eliminations since day one and may continue to be until he’s eliminated. At this point, it’s safe to say that Gllty now has a target on her back.

Who will be eliminated next? Tune in tonight to find out on TBS at 10 p.m. Est.

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MenaRD Show Attendees Who Was The Better Capcom Cup Champion At Texas Showdown


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NuckleDu fought his way through losers and made comebacks against Punk’s Cammy and Smug’s Balrog only to meet last year’s Capcom Cup winner MeaRD in Grand Finals.


The match became more than just a game but a battle to find out who was the better Capcom cup champion as Du won the cup in 2016. Below are breakdowns of each game.

Image result for Guile vs birdie nuckledu vs mena rdImage result for nuckledu vs mena rd texas showdown

Game One

Du didn’t sweat Birdie’s pressure by playing defensively and countering every sweep with one of his own in round one. The playstyle resulted in MenaRd starting round two with a critical art but still couldn’t measure up with Du taking game one.

Game Two and Three

MenaRd didn’t take long before he got wind of what Du was up to. four straight rounds filled with EX dolphin dives, bullhorns, and corner pressure gained two straight games for Mena.

Game Four

The chants for NuckleDu rang throughout the venue for the last U.S. player in the tournament. Despite a failed EX flash kick that led to Mena taking round one, in round two Du maintained his patience and, in round three, a crouching low kick with the help of a magic pixel helped tie the finals 2-2.

Game Five

Mena wasn’t going down without a fight, ending round one with a critical art. Du responds with more of the slow playstyle to take round two. It was either game point or reset between the two players but a forward hop kick from Du was all Mena needed to close out Texas showdown with a back fist into critical art.

The crowd chanting for Du was silenced following the win from MenaRd but he, along with his hype man CABA who ran to the stage to grab the Dominican Republic flag, mocked the crowd chanting “NuckleDu” back to the crowd.

The best part of the finals had to go to the crowd. Hyped crowds contribute to the excitement of tournaments and without them, the games would seem longer than they really are. MenaRD taking the heel approach after his win made it more interesting to watch as he has a target on his back heading towards this years Capcom Cup.

Congratulations to MenaRD on taking Texas Showdown. The list of the Top 8 players are listed below, sourced by Eventhubs.

1. Rise|MenaRD (Birdie)
2. NuckleDu (Guile, R. Mika, Cammy)
3. Rise|Smug (Balrog)
4. Mouz|Problem X (M. Bison, Abigail)
5. CYG|Chris Tatarian (Ken, Akuma)
5. EG|Ricki Ortiz (Chun-Li)
7. FOX|Punk (Cammy, Chun-Li)
7. RB|Snake Eyez (Abigail, Zangief, Akuma)

The next CPT event is Combo Breaker 2018 in St. Charles, IL. If you’re planning on attending the event, registration closes May 13 at midnight.

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The Cool Kid 93 Earns His Spot To Represent Chicago In RedBull Conquest SFV


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Marcus “The Cool Kid 93” Redmond will head to Washington later this year to represent Chicago as he won RedBull Conquest on Saturday.


His win marks his second straight year winning the Chicago tournament. Last year, he was apart of the 3V3 team along with RobTV and Tatsuko. He is still apart of a three-person team, this time the other members are the winners of Guilty Gear and Tekken 7.

His win wasn’t easy as he had to battle through some top competitors including RobTV and El Chakotay who gave him a hard time in the beginning but didn’t take long before he figured out Mika.

Upon his win, via tweet, he thanked everyone who supported him and mentioned how he kept his promise to his wife, Joy Redmond.

As a prize, he received a RedBull package that came with a fight stick, headphones, and, of course, a can of RedBull.

The next stop for the RedBull Conquest tour will be in Seattle on May 19. Check out the remaining dates below leading to the finals in November.

  • Los Angeles – June 16
  • Nashville – July 7
  • New York – July 7
  • Saint Paul – July 14
  • Dallas – July 14
  • Denver – July 28
  • Orlando – August 11
  • [online qualifier] – August 12
  • San Francisco – August 18
  • Phoenix – August 18
  • Atlanta – September 8
  • Boston – September 29
  • Philadelphia – October 13
  • Washington DC – November 16-18 [FINALS]


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Falke Review: FGC Not Yet Seeing The Potential


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It’s been three days since the release of the third DLC of Season 3 and Falke has received mixed reviews from the FGC.

After playing with the character to get the feel of what she can bring into the Street Fighter universe, there are some players who see the good and the bad in the character.


The idea of her using her staff in versatile ways was erased after her release as she has a pace similar to Ed and her startups are slow as well. Luckily, some took the time to make videos that show what she is capable of with her normals and in V-trigger.

Her anti-air and spacing attacks including shooting psycho power through her staff and her second v-trigger, which is her hitting the opponent with a 360 spin into an air attack, makes it difficult for the opponent to get in at times depending on the character.

But of course, there are complaints about a new character who is new to the scene. Either they seem unbalanced or overpowered. She would be a more appreciated character after she receives her patches in future updates, but in the meantime, She’ll take some getting used to before she is properly placed in the tier brackets.


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Falke’s On Her Way To SFV… What We Know So Far


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Since seeing her in Ed’s story and in the introduction to the game, the curiosity surrounding Falke (F’Ulk) grew as to what abilities she would have. All speculations were put to rest following her trailer release this week.


Her staff made some believe she was going to be another Rolento with pokes and follow-ups. So far, we know she does possess psycho power that can be used through objects such as her staff in which she shoots out pulses of power.

Her moves, like Ed, are simple two-button inputs that can make using her easy to use but performing setups and cross-ups a little difficult. But given time there will be numerous videos that show how to utilize her attacks. below is the move list for the latest DLC.

No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

During her gameplay, we see that she also reflects projectiles like Menat and Urien with his aegis reflector. Not only can she reflect but also duck projectiles and shoot psycho power towards the opponent. This might be a good matchup for those who have trouble with characters like Guile and Akuma who tries to bait you in.

Her backstory is similar to Ed as well as she was to be an alternate surrogate for Bison, which explains the same hairstyle. Now she teams with Ed as his right hand with two other nameless characters whom we probably won’t get any idea of until possibly Season 4.

Falke is the third DLC to hit Season 3 of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition along with Sakura and Blanka. She will be available for download April 24. Cody, G, and Sagat will be released throughout the rest of the season.

What are your thoughts on Falke and her move list? Leave a comment below if you’re excited to try her or already ready for the next DLC release.

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New ELEAGUE Show Not Receiving Support By Members Of The FGC

SFV Challenger Homepage T1 Ep 1 Tune In

Photo Credit: ELEAGUE

Last week, the FGC learned that ELEAGUE will have a reality show, which features seven participants who will compete to earn their spot in this year’s tournament.

The show features professional players including Gllty, RobTV, Low Tier God, JB, Commander Jessie, Dayasha and Sherry Jenix who will compete in challenges including Street Fighter.

This is the first reality show since Ultimate Gamer that features players competing to be the best gamer, or in this case Street Fighter Player. The show, however, wasn’t received well by some based on the four-minute preview.

With all the hate surrounding the show, some of the cast members and members of the FGC responded to the naysayers, including RobTV in his last video on his YouTube channel.

Until the show’s debut, there’s no additional information about the show and what challenges the players will compete in. As of now, the anticipated drama behind the show comes from member Low Tier God who is known for his actions and hateful words towards players including Gllty and Brolylegs.

ELEAGUE the challengers’ premiers on April 20 on TBS at 11 p.m. ET/PT. If you still haven’t watched the preview of the new show, watch it below.


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Tokido Wins NCR 2018… Patch Notes Announcement Shakes Up Capcom Pro Tour


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Photo Credit: Capcom

Tokido walked away with another major under his belt as he defeated Daigo, or DaiGod to the folks on Twitter, to win the NorCal Regionals last night.


In what was said to be one of the toughest tournaments in the tour by far, the odds were in Tokido’s favor as a minor slip up from NuckleDu, pressing the pause button during the match, gave him the edge to come back and take the set and move to Grand Finals.

Even with the win, there were other moments that made this event memorable including Echo Fox’s newest recruit Punk being added to the list of those eliminated by Abigail.

Just when the night was almost over, Tasty Steve and Sajam made the announcement of the upcoming 3.5 patch which will take place Tuesday, April 3. It didn’t take time for players at NCR to pick up their phones and look at what’s about to change in the update.

For the list of character buffs and nerfs coming to the update, click here. There’s still no Falke trailer as many were hoping for, but it could come soon as at the end of the event her theme was playing. Keep an eye out.

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Thaiger Uppercut SFV Entertains FGC With Help From Commentary

Image result for thaiger uppercut 2018This Past weekend, the next stop of the Capcom Pro Tour was Thaiger Uppercut in Bangkok Thailand. After incredible plays from Aziz and unfortunate drops from K-Brad, Tokido fought through winners side to take down Sako to win the tournament.

Even though the weekend was about the players earning their way towards this years Capcom Cup, The event became more about the commentary as Xyclopzz added hype and funny comments to each match throughout Top 8.

Some notable phrases include “It’s red time” in response to Abigails v-trigger activation, “The Smackdown”  and the “One-two step” for Balrogs EX punches. His commentary was so entertaining that people are requesting he calls matches at this years EVO but no word yet on if he will be invited to commentate.

The next stop on the CPT will be NorCal Regionals (NCR) this weekend in Sacramento, CA. If you missed any of the commentaries the FGC was talking about over the weekend, catch the Top 8 matches below.

Premier Pass for Capcom Pro Tour 2018 Revealed

In celebration of a new year of the Capcom Pro Tour, a new stage and costumes for Sakura and Akuma will be available for purchase next month.

The Ring of Power stage itself is a mix of last years stage, Ring of Pride, and the Four Kings where within the background you can see Bison sitting over Balrog, FANG, and Vega as a big orb of psycho power looms in the sky. The actual concept for this year’s stage was mentioned in a tweet by Capcom Fighters.

The costumes for Sakura and Akuma will be a part of the premier pass, which will cost $19.99, and will also include a new costume designed by Capcom Cup 2017 winner MenaRD, new EX colors, titles, and more.

If you’re just interested in the costumes and the CPT stage, each costume will cost $5.99 and Ring of Power $9.99.

Smash Bros Announced For The Switch… What Could We See In The New Title


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The Nintendo Switch continues to be the highest selling console to date along with titles including Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.  The teaser trailer for the fifth installment of the SSB series was released during a Nintendo direct showcase last week.


Unlike Mario Kart 8 and Pokken, this is an all-new game that is not a port over from the Wii U. In the trailer, we see the Squid Kids doing what they do best, shoot paint at each other. The white screen darkens and the firey image of the smash symbol illuminates in the background. There we see an eerie outline of the cast of the game and close-ups of Mario and Link.

This game will technically not be the first time the Squid Kids made their appearance as they were costumes for the Mii characters in SSBWiiU. With that, the possibility of seeing costumes such as Knuckles, Tails, and Heihachi could become characters as well. Other possible character inclusions can also come from assist trophies including Waluigi and Lyn of Fire Emblem. Remember, Little Mac was an assist trophy in Brawl and became a character in SSB4

The Switch has peeked the interest of outside studios who have since brought their titles to the console/portable like Rocket League and Skyrim, so don’t be too surprised if some special stages from these studios make their way to the game.

Smash Bros first appeared in 1999 on the Nintendo 64 followed by Melee for the Gamecube in 2001, Brawl in 2008, and the Wii U in 2014. This game doesn’t have a set date but is scheduled to be released later this year.

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