What May Be The Reason Behind Capcom’s Street Fighter Popularity Poll

Following the release of their last season two character, Zeku, Capcom has created a  popularity poll where fans of the game can vote for their favorite character.

The poll features all characters across the Street Fighter Universe including old faces like Guy and Adon, to new faces like Abigail and Menat.

The poll is placed in the middle between the Zeku release and the upcoming release/update of the arcade edition of the game. But there may be more to this than just finding out who is more popular.

The last  poll for fighting game was released was the ballot for Super Smash Bros. Wii U were Nintendo used that information to decide who would be the newest character included in the game.

This poll could possibly be used to determine who will be included in the season three cast of the game. PlayStation Lifestyle guessed that if that character wins, they may get a costume or something else added.


Fake rosters are posted on the internet that include familiar silhouettes of Sagat and Blanka, but those characters haven’t been confirmed by Capcom to be in season three.

Other than popularity, Capcom hasn’t revealed why they created the poll and the purpose of its existence.

The poll voting ends Nov. 5, but the results won’t be shared until Jan. 16, 2018, the same day the arcade edition will hit the shelves. In the meantime, Capcom is keeping fans preoccupied with Zeku and Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Vote for your favorite here.


Top Three Moments From The Chicago RedBull Proving Grounds Finals

Photo Credit: RedBull

The RedBull Proving Grounds tournament on Oct 21 was the qualifying rounds to see who would represent their city in Boston during the grand finals. 

Some of the biggest stars in esports including Dominique “Sonic Fox” Mclean, Victor “PG Punk” Woodley and Martin “Marn” Phan came to Chicago representing for their teams, not only in Street Fighter but in Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite.

Chicago’s top 3; Marcus “Cool Kid” Redmond,  Rob “RobTV” Burney Jr and Mia “Tatsuko” Reshel, who represented for the Street Fighter Community, spent the year fighting and practicing at Ignite gaming lounge to earn the opportunity to make it to the finals.

Although Chicago didn’t make it to the grand finals, friends and family of the three teammates applauded them in their efforts. However, the action didn’t stop as each match was unforgettable.

Below are the top Three moments of the RBPG Tournament:

3. Abigail Knocks Guile’s Block Off

2. Jedah And Rocket Extinguishes Nova

1. The Perfect End To Bison’s Reign


Zeku Is Here, And There’s Some Questions About His Existence

Image result for zeku sfa2

Street Fighter V newest character Zeku (Photo Credit: Press X Now)

Well… The man who trained Guy is here to show the rest of the fighters how it’s done as Zeku finally made his debut this past weekend. This is his first appearance in the series since Alpha 2.

His trailer featured his quick fighting style that looks like the same animation seen in Street Fighter IV.

But the trailer was more than just him demonstrating his ability to match Ibuki and beat Karin, but cool music and his transformation to a younger version had the Twitterverse taking a second look.

The younger version of the Master of Bushinryu looks similar to Capcom’s other hero Strider Hiryu, who is mostly known for his feature in Marvel Vs. Capcom.

Below is the comparison between the two characters and it’s easy to make that comparison.

Related imageImage result for strider capcom

The trailer was a good way to introduce the character, but why didn’t get that “Final Fight” moment where he fights Abigail and beats him? Besides that, Judging by the trailer, Ibuki and Karin players may have met their match.

Check out the full trailer below:


Update: More Costumes Coming To MVCI, Same Day As DLC Release

Along with the Superior Spider-Man costume in Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, more costumes will be arriving on Oct. 17. This is the same day Black Panther, Sigma, and Monster Hunter will be available as playable characters.

It seems as if every character except Jedah got the privilege of having an additional skin for the game. However, the new attire will make the game more enjoyable for fans of the series.

Below are the newest costumes that can be purchased with a costume pass for $29.99 on PlayStation and Xbox stores.

All photos credited to Capcom-unity.com

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Feel Comfortable In These Skins With The Latest And Upcoming DLC In Marvel Vs. Capcom

YouTube Thumbnail

Since the game’s release, especially if you bought the $200 bundle that came with the Easter egg infinity stones, skins included as DLCs featured Gladiator Hulk, Warrior Thor, and Captain Marvel as Carol Danvers. But more skins are coming soon to the game.
The latest skin includes the Superior Spider-Man, who came to be following Doctor Octopus’s possession of Peter Parker in the comic series. Trailer of the gameplay was released this week, but the trailer didn’t measure up to how the skin can add something new to the character besides appearance.

It’s just Spider-Man being his web-slinging self as he does his traditional combos in the game. It would’ve been cool if players can use his extra spider legs in a combo, or as a basic attack. Nonetheless, it will still make spidey fans happy to have something different besides the symbiote version.

The skin is available to those who buy the Spider-Man: Homecoming digital download, but will be available as a stand-alone purchase on both PlayStation and Xbox stores soon. 

Other skins currently available include Evil Ryu and Command Mission X. The DLC of Sigma, Monster Hunter, and Black Panther will be released Oct. 17. If you were living under a rock and have no idea of what the current skins look like, here’s a look at the skins available so far:

Image result for MVCI skins

Image result for MVCI skins

Image result for MVCI skins

Related image

Image result for MVCI skins captain marvel carol danvers

Photos credited to Shoryuken.com and PlayStation Lifestyle. Follow Jeramie Lee on Twitter @WPGOnline

Capcom and NetherRealm Go Head-To-Head In A Trailer War With New Characters And Updates


Image result for atom injustice 2

Photo Credit: Twinfinitie

On Wednesday, fighting game fans were treated with two scoops of DLC news from the popular fighting games Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite and Injustice 2.

These trailers weren’t a total surprise as the characters were expected to make an appearance in their games, but the curiosity of what they can bring to the table kept the attention of their fans.

Here’s the breakdown of the trailers released this week.

Atom: Injustice 2


It was easy to spot that the Atom would be a DLC in the game as his silhouette featured him in his shrunken pose, but I’m sure that gamers didn’t expect to see him before the release of Hellboy’s trailer.

However, the new character didn’t disappoint as the creators utilize not only his ability to shrink but to also grow in his fighting style.

His costume is close to his original one in the comics but with the ability to add armor, there’s a chance the television version of his suit be available like Green Arrow in the first Injustice

No word on when he will be released, but he will be the first to be available when the next fighter DLC pack becomes available.

Black Panther and Sigma: Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite

Image result for black panther sigma

Photo Credit: Videogamer.com

These two characters, as mentioned numerous times, were already expected to make their appearance in the game following the final trailer. The gameplay trailer shows that Black Panther and Sigma are not just good themselves but as a team.

Panther is quick with his agility and crazy air-attacks and Sigma is more of the powerhouse to keep opponents grounded. Despite how good Panther is in action, he can’t take the place of Wolverine as it feels that’s his replacement.

There’s been a battle of getting the rights to use X-Men characters in the game from Sony as it originally put a halt to the game’s production. In the end, the game is doing well without the X-Men and open the door for new characters like Black Widow and Winter Soldier.

These characters, along with Monster Hunter, will be available on October 17.

Update: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition  

Image result for sfv arcade edition

Photo Credit: Shoryuken.com

It was just announced that the most requested version of the game will be hitting stores on Jan. 16, 2018.

Executive producer Yoshinori Ono revealed in a message to fans that the arcade edition of Street Fighter V will come in two forms. A physical copy with all of season 1 and 2 characters and stages included, and as an update for those who already own the game.


In addition to the arcade feature, a new battle mode and new V-triggers will be added to the characters. This will make fans who already own the game happy as they are getting an update rather than buying a new game altogether.

The only question is for those who already own the game, would they receive all the characters and stages as well if they didn’t buy them before? I guess time will tell.

The arcade edition’s physical copy will cost $39.99, sorry, you can’t use your fight money to buy this one.

Now that the holiday season is around the corner, expect the wish list to get bigger as more news regarding these titles will be released as the season of updates and additions are coming to an end.

Five New DLC Characters Coming To MVCI Revealed By Leaked Concept Art

Image result

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite is now two weeks old and has been featured on the tournament scene, most recently the Northern Arena competition.

But like most fans of fighting games, we’re awaiting the first downloadable characters to be ready to hit the PlayStation and Xbox stores.

Over the weekend, leaked concept art showed who will be the next five fighters to come to the game. Some confirmed already through the story mode, the others may be a waste of space.

Art of Sigma, Venom, and Black Panther was a given since Sigma fuses with Ultron, the symbiote is that of Venom, and Black Panther was seen in the games final trailer before its release.

The art of Black Widow and Winter Solider come as a surprise as they haven’t been featured as playable characters in the franchise.

Black Widow and Monster Hunter brings the number of playable female characters in the game to six versus thirty male characters.

Winter Soldier and Black Widow are more hand-to-hand fighters with weapons that won’t do much damage against the likes of Ultron and Nemesis.

It would’ve been great to have Wesker or Virgil back, but We’ll have to wait and see if their gameplay will make up for it.

If you haven’t purchased the game, but want to get the feel of its mechanics, the story demo is still available in your consoles game store.

Check out the concept art below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


New SFV Costumes And Stage Mixes Halloween Spirit with Nostalgia

Image result for street fighter v english manor

Street Fighter V creators announced that there will be new costumes coming to the game, as well as a new stage and music.

The costumes include Devil Bison, mummy Dhalsim, and a Texas chainsaw inspired pigface mask for birdie just to name a few. Dhalsim and Birdie haven’t received new costumes since season one. Fans are happy to see that more characters are getting attention this season. Below is a tweet of all the costumes, even a new costume for Menat who was just released two weeks ago.

In addition to the costumes, a new stage will take you back to classic Street Fighter. Earlier this season, we were taken back to Vega’s classic Street Fighter II Spain stage and Ryu’s Suzaku stage. Now, players are going back to Cammy’s English manor where she made her first appearance.

The new stage and costumes continue to add value to the game as it prepares to wrap up season two. Still no word on the release of the final character, but I believe this announcement was made to drag out the rest of the season heading towards the holidays.

It’s interesting that Ed and Menat received new costumes, while Abigail is wearing the same attire following his release. But in time, more characters will receive that attention as anticipation for season three is underway.

All new costumes and the English manor stage are available for purchase today. The stage will cost $3.99 or $70,000 in fight money, the costumes, however, will have to be purchased through the PlayStation Store.

Game and DLC Announcements Made During Tokyo Game Show, More To Be Announced Over The Weekend


Related image

Photo Credit: Dualshockers.com


Yesterday was the start of the 2017 Tokyo Game Show (TGS), the largest annual video game expo held in Chiba Japan. The exhibition features games and news updates from brands including Capcom, Bandai Namco, and SEGA just to name a few.

The four-day event is divided where two days are only for media and industry insiders, while the other two are open to the public.

During this event and others like it, news of upcoming games and downloadable content are revealed to fans. Surprisingly, one of the first announcements featured news of the game Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite.

It was revealed that Monster Hunter is the first DLC to be confirmed by Capcom, which is shocking as the game was released just this week. In addition, a new Monster Hunter game was announced by PlayStation.

Other characters that have said to be confirmed include Sigma, Black Panther, and Venom. All of which confirmed themselves in the trailer for the game.

But there are more announcements that are said to be made during TGS, and it comes from Capcom. The last season two character announcement for Street Fighter V is mentioned to happen during the event.


The last character is said to be Zeku, the trainer of Guy from Street Fighter IV. This is interesting as it continues to tie the Final Fight game back to the Street Fighter universe. With Abigail already in the game, fans can see how the two would stack up against each other.

More announcements from the convention will be made over the course of the weekend. 

Stay tuned to WePlayesports for upcoming gaming news from the Tokyo Game Show.

Injustice 2 Review: Lightning Strikes Twice And Missed Every Time With Raiden Reveal

Image result for raiden injustice 2

Photo Credit: Comicbook.com

The big news of the day is the reveal of the Mortal Kombat lightning God himself, Raiden. With the reveal, it eliminated the rumors that it was Johnny Cage in disguise based on the events that occurred in the story of the MKX game. Although he looks cool, there’s nothing different between this and his MKX fighting style.

In his reveal trailer, he carries over his lightning throw and flying push attack which makes him look like a basic character. Since most of his attacks involve projectiles, he may be the best character for spammers and Raiden fans. The trailer, however, doesn’t just feature Raiden, but the premier skin for Black Lightning.

Image result for raiden injustice 2

Photo Credit: Gamerant

The release of this DC Comic character was said by fans to please those who were still upset about having another MK character in the game. The character is still a skin, meaning that most of his moves will be identical to Raiden. So far from the reveal, his ability to trap the opponent in a lightning box is what sets him apart. But this is another slap in the face to fans who were rooting to see Static Shock as the next lightning player.

The reveal isn’t all bad. Since there are no fatalities in this PG version of MK, the eye-opening part of the trailer is his special, but won’t be spoiled here as you can watch the trailer below.


In all honesty, I would trade both Raiden and Black Lightning for another character like Beast Boy, or Constantine, or even to have Shazam back. But since the rumor of Johnny Cage is put to rest, there is a new rumor that the silhouette that is thought to be of Enchantress, can possibly belong to a third MK character, Katina. If that is true, it wouldn’t make sense to include her since DC has a character of the same name. But for now, it remains a rumor and let’s hope they keep it that way.

Raiden and Black Lightning will be available in October. Black Manta is currently available and the reveal of Hellboy is yet to be announced. All three are part of the second DLC pack.