The Lag Switch Is Turning Fun Into Anger When It Comes To Playing Online


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Have you ever been in a battle online, and while you’re winning, the game stops and glitches out of nowhere? No doubt that lagging, decreasing flow of data to the console, is a problem, especially when you’re playing people who’re overseas. But it’s crazy to think that people would go to such lengths to use it to their advantage.

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a lag switch, giving players online a chance to cheat their way to victory. It may not be a big deal to those who are playing a casual match with their friends but is a big problem when there are online tournaments with cash payouts. The hard thing is how to prove that a lag switch was used in the game. There are even tutorials that show how to make one.


There is no real solution to this issue, but it is advised that people report players of suspicious activity to find out who’s using them. Games including Street Fighter V added a blacklist feature to keep players from playing toxic gamers again.

Next time you’re online, pay attention to the person’s connection. If they have a full connection and then lag during the match, that player might be using the lag switch. Don’t let this issue, however, stop you from doing online tournaments, but also report that player if you think they’re cheating.

More Costumes Coming To Street Fighter V In Honor Of The 30th Anniversary


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Can’t hold out to see who the next character reveal in SFV will be? Don’t worry, Capcom has been doing a good job adding content and taking our money until the next reveal. This time is no different with the reveal of the latest costumes for characters Bison, Guile, Ibuki, and Karin.

These costumes are ceremonious and remind us who these characters are in their own right. let’s break down these looks on the characters and how they add more pizazz, more or less, to the game.


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Bison is looking like a king with his new attire. The cape alone adds the sense that he is the king of the game to some. What better way to honor the boss of SFV than with this red, white, and gold costume.

Karin with a very detailed geisha is something different outside of her mini skirts and beach wear. Not much of a fan of Karin, but one thing that I noticed after the reveal is they ditched the curly-spirals in her hair and gave her a traditional hairstyle to compliment the attire. I’m sure this will make all Karin players happy.

Thanks to Capcom Cup 2016 Winner Du “Knuckle Du” Dang, Guile received a new tactical costume a month ago with his name on it, but that didn’t stop Capcom from adding another outfit to the closet. This one, however, not the best one. It’s boring in terms of creativity, and honestly, his hair is too big for any hat.

Another character who just received a new costume less than a month ago is Ibuki. She, like Karin, received a geisha style costume, but shorter. Which makes sense since she’s a ninja and she needs to be able to move fast. Unlike Karin, however, they just put flowers in her hair. I like Ibuki, but can we do something to that hair. At least add the bun to it.

These costumes will be available for purchase August 29. Just in time for the 30th anniversary, Each costume will cost $3.99

(All photos are from the Capcom website)

Gamers Can Possibly Go For The Gold In 2024 Olympics

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It’s already been confirmed that esports will be featured in the 2022 Asian Games, but the Paris bid committee is highly interested in featuring the growing market of competitive gaming in the 2024 Olympics.

The inclusion of esports in the Olympics have been in talks for nearly a year, but what’s keeping this from becoming a reality is what the International Olympic Committee thinks about competitive gaming. IOC President Thomas Bach is unsure what esports is and if it involves the same physical training as other sports.

Competitive gaming involves, if not the same, training and preparation, both physical and mental, like any other sport. If they actually attend an event like EVO or CEO, they will see that these are not just kids and adults playing games, these are real athletes sporting jerseys competing to be champions in their games of choice. The difference, it may be more exciting to see Street Fighter players with an inch of life trying to get the last punch than watching synchronized swimming, no offense.

Gamers face the same abuse, mentally and physically, and suffer injuries like professional athletes that can ruin their careers. It’s a growing community, if not one of the friendliest, that exist. It will definitely help their decision if they attend the pro scene and see them in their environment. They will be impressed with every headshot, hadoken, and perfect KO they see.

Esports is a multi-million dollar sport that is projected to become a billion dollar business by 2019. Sports outside of competitive gaming are buying into the hype with other sports, including the NBA, creating leagues for the 2K series.

Former Laker Rick Fox owns Echo Fox, one of the leagues top teams home to Street Fighter V player Justin Wong and Injustice player Dominique “Sonic Fox” Mclean. E-League also featured professional athletes including WWE diva Eva Marie,  former Laker Shaquille O’Neal, and NFL star Reggie Bush playing SFV for charity.

Perhaps following the Asian games, the IOC will see how big this sport has grown over the years, and would want to include it in the 2024 games. Although it’s projected that the program will be formed by 2019, but that still leaves plenty of time to include one more sport.

Can Punk Shake Off Second Place And Become A More Aggressive Alpha?

It seems like post-EVO 2017, Victor ‘Punk’ Woodley hasn’t been the same when it comes to the tournament scene. Following Defend the North 2017, the title of second place is haunting him with each competition, which has his fans asking, where’s the alpha?

Is it a curse that he’s come in second in tournaments as of late? It’s not a curse, but more self-restriction due to his lost back at EVO. It is possible that he may see himself as the runner-up until he can prove himself at next years Super Bowl of esports. No matter if he wins other tourneys, including Dreamhack Atlanta 2017, that idea of being the first North American to win EVO will be a fox that will echo in his mind, sorry for the bad Tokido reference.

But a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain is a dangerous man. Hopefully, we’ll see a more merciless, teabagging, and smiling while doing it punk, as he looks to reclaim his spot as top Street Fighter V player in the world.

His next event will be against Naoki “Nemo” Nemoto at the East Coast Throwdown in September. This can possibly be the beginning of Punk 2.0.


Left Field Characters Who Could Be Dominant In Smash Bros For Nintendo Switch

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Let’s say if Nintendo makes an all new Smash Bros for its latest console/portable the Switch, we can get the surprise of new downloadable characters in the franchise. The last game featured Cloud from Final Fantasy, Ryu from Street Fighter, and Bayonetta from her self-titled game.

There are a lot of fan videos that express who they want in the game next. But outside of the requested Goku and Banjo Kazooie, there are some characters that have the potential to shock fans and be good fighters in the game.

Sketch Turner (Comix Zone)

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Before Mr. Shifty, there was Comix zone. The game followed Turner as he fought bad guys through pages of a comic book that were hand drawn in the game. He’s more of the brawler type so he would be that of another Mario or Ryu. His final smash can include the hand from the game drawing the opponent in his world and he goes ape, no pun intended to Donkey and Diddy.

Ninja Gaiden (Self-titled game)

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One of the most iconic game characters has to be Ninja Gaiden. He would be a swordsman to the likes of Roy and Marth. But with him being a ninja, his speed would be greater than the others. His final smash can be a continuous slashing and vanishing attack.

Earthworm Jim

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Another icon, Earthworm Jim, has a worm for a head (well duhhhhh) and a blaster, both dangerous weapons. His blaster can have three modes; a small shot, medium shot, and a hyper blast that if held for too long, will blow him up, but when delivered can cause great damage. His final smash can be a bigger blaster, similar to the three-part items in the game, that will blow the opponent away.

Shadow (Eternal Champions)

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If you’re not familiar with this game, it is a rip-off of the DC Universe with characters that look like Green Lantern and Raven. Shadow, pictured above, looks similar to Black Canary, but still packs a punch.  She is also a ninja who throws stars and bombs. Her final smash can include her throwing stars and fans at her opponents followed by three big front flip kicks.


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Glover had two titles that played like Mario 64, although it was also featured on PlayStation. Not much really known about this character, but it would be safe to assume he would adopt Master Hand’s powers, with a final smash being to inflate himself and slapping the opponent off the stage.

Nights (Nights into Dreams)

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Nights is said to be one of the games that made SEGA Dreamcast a must have. In her game, she helps two kids, Claris and Elliot, stop evil from their dream world Nightopia and the real world. Since she is a product of the Sonic franchise, it would be nice to see her power up and have her do her corkscrew but as a tackle for her final smash.

These characters might have been forgotten to some but can be resurrected with the help of the fighting multiverse of Smash Bros. It would be a surprise if any of these characters are featured on a ballot for fans to vote.

What can kill this dream is if Nintendo continues to be lazy and move the Wii U title to the Switch as rumored. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we get a new title with new characters, stages, a better online tournament mode.

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Want To Kick Start Your Esports Career? Here Are The Tournaments You Need To Enter


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You don’t need a sponsor, expensive gear, and a jersey to be a contender in the world of esports. To get on the road to professional gaming, there are a number of tournaments that are available that also offer cash prizes and trips to bigger events. Here are some tournaments that are happening now.

Gfinity Elite Series

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The online tournament offers two separate daily tournaments with different pay outs. Players earn points towards becoming a top competitor in games including Street Fighter V, Rocket League, and Counter Strike: GO. The series is currently being featured on T.V. in the United Kingdom and on the esports channel E11.

Major League Gaming: Gamebattles

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This tournament feature first person shooter games including Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Destiny. It also features other competitions for sports games such as NBA2K and Madden in addition to fighting games. With over 100 games and over $4,000,000 in payouts, there is something for everyone who’s looking to make a name for themselves.

GameStop Hometown Heroes

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If you love Injustice and want to make it to the big stage, the hometown heroes tourney is just for you. The competition will continue now until August 27 and offers a $5,000 payout, and the winner will a part of the grand finale, which will air on TBS in October. This is one of four tournaments currently running feature the DC Comic based game.

The best part about these tournaments is they’re free to join. It also helps newcomers become used to competing in a tournament setting. With these online tournaments, you can get your name, or gamer tag, out to the world. Why wait? Your dream of becoming an esports player is one click away.


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ESL Kicks Off With Top Four Players In Street Fighter V Battles

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The ESL tournament debuted on Disney XD and brought in the top four players in the world of Street Fighter V to battle to be the first ‘Boss’ of the game. The four competitors include Bryant ‘SMUG’ Huggins, Victor ‘Punk’ Woodley, Martin ‘ Marn’ Phan, and Kenneth ‘K-Brad’ Bradley.

What makes this tournament more enjoyable to watch is seeing these guys in a more calm environment. It’s like watching friends play at each other’s house. Smug, however, continue to prove that his Balrog is tough to beat with a 7-4 lead against K-Brad. If Brad would’ve used Cammy in the beginning, it could’ve been a different story.

The most surprising moment is Marn beating Punk 10-6 with Ibuki. Marn gloated about his victory over punk in a post interview. “I didn’t know he was that bad,” He said.

In the end, SMUG became the first boss of the game beating Marn 10-3. But now with the throne and the stylish leather jacket, he has a target on his back in which he will have to defend in the upcoming weeks.

See if a new challenger can dethrone SMUG next Thursday at 9 p.m. on Disney XD.

It’s Been One Day And Abigail’s Gears Are Making Players Mad With Power


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Yesterday, the long awaited Abigail was available after a four-hour software download and he was everything that the trailer said he’d be. But within the first six hours of his release, numerous post and tweets about him were uploaded showing how much of an advantage he has over other characters in Street Fighter V.


As big as he is, you would think that finding a spot to hit would be no problem, but it turns out that his hitbox only stretches from his mid to lower body, making his upper body attacks difficult to counter unless you’re close to him.

In the video above, Urien’s electric blast surpasses a standing Abigail but can hit him in his midsection.


He’s not the overall toughest character in the game (that crown can belong to Balrog), but he does have moves that give him the same type of armor like Birdie and Zangief. His invincibility occurs when he is running and his overhead attack.

What’s been a popular move of his since his release is the never ending EX axe handle smash. It’s literally like fighting the Hulk In Marvel Vs. Capcom, or Donkey Kong in Smash Bros.

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

Although he has these mechanics that would make a spammer go wild, he has his weaknesses. For example, his jumps are lower compared to the other heavy characters in the game, which means his chances of receiving a crush counter is high. Characters who have over head attacks including Akuma, Bison, and Ibuki can use those attacks to their advantage, as long as Abigail doesn’t receive the read in time.

Within one day, SFV players have been streaming their use of the new character, poor Ed’s brand new package has been torn and he’s been replaced with the eight-foot mechanic who loves cars but hits like a semi-truck.

For those who think he is too much to handle, this is good practice to see how well you can play against a pressure character who takes up a quarter of your screen.

Abigail is the latest addition to the game. Other products available for purchase include new stages ‘Suzaku’, ‘Metro City Bay Area’, and the new Capcom arena along with new sports costumes for Laura, Rashid, and Ibuki, and the tactical suit for Guile. You can buy these add ons in the PlayStation Store or through the game with fight money by completing different tasks from the server.

Salem Is On The Witch Hunt To Become Number One


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Following his EVO win over Gonzalo ‘ZeRo’ Barrios, Saleem “Salem” Young continues his win streak by beating 392 other players in the Smash Bros. Wii U tournament at Dreamhack Atlanta 2017 over the weekend.


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Sporting his Bayonetta hair-do, him and his character of Bayonetta showed the other competitors that his championship win from the previous weekend hasn’t gone to his head. He continues to witch time and bullet art his way to becoming the new top player in Smash Bros.


Now with two back-to-back wins under his belt, he has a target on his back as other players are now looking to end what could be a streak of wins for the 22-year-old.

Smash Bros is a competitive fighting game for the Nintendo brand. SSB Wii U is the fourth title in the franchise following its first release on the Nintendo 64 in 1999. All four titles are played in both local and grand tournaments with the most popular titles belonging to SSB Wii U and SSB Melee.

Dreamhack Atlanta 2017 Probably won’t bring 100 percent from Its competitors


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It’s only been a week since the Evolution 2017 tournament, which brought out the best players from all over the world, and immediately the next stop is Atlanta, GA,  for the Dreamhack competition.

Unlike EVO where it’s mostly dedicated to the fighting game community, this competition includes other esports games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Halo 5, H1Z1, Hearthstone, and Rocket League along with Street Fighter V and Tekken 7.

Tournaments such as this also serve as a meet and greet as players can take pictures and talk to some of their favorite players. One pro player, in particular, is making his way there after an emotional loss at EVO 2017.

Even though it’s another week, another tournament, many of the competitors in the FGC are probably still winding down after the Super Bowl of gaming. A weekend straight in Las Vegas playing games and mingling with other people would probably take a couple of weeks to shake off, as it can seem like it happened just yesterday. There’s a good chance we will see, at max, 80-90 percent of the drive at Dreamhack than we’ve seen at EVO.

The prize pool total for this year’s esports competitions is over $800,000 that will be divided between the games for the winners. Just like any other competition, expect to see funny, exciting, and heartbreaking moments, but these moments make tournaments such as these more memorable.

in addition to esports, other competitions and activities on the floor including cosplay, tabletop games, and panel discussions.

Another competition that will take place at Dreamhack is the University grudge match where southern colleges compete to see who is the best in esports. These universities include Georgia State, Georgia Southern, University of Georgia, Clemson, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and North Carolina State University. This shows that more colleges are jumping on the esports train as an extension of their athletics departments.

All the action will be streamed on Twitch this weekend. A list of the scheduled times for each tournament can be found here.